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Problem with giving permission to App

Hi All,

Would be grateful if anyone could help me solve the following issue.

I have several core datasets, all saved in a workspace with restricted access to a small team.

When I then publish an app for example to the sales team (who don’t have access to the core datasets in the workspace) the data in the report is not coming through.

Any ideas, or suggestions on how this should be better done?

Thanks so much

Hi @mazhowitt

You need to give access of underlying dataset for them. Make a group email with all the users who needs to have access and give access of dataset to that group.


Thank you. Is there no other way?
I have payroll datasets and I don’t want everyone having access to these.

Hi @mazhowitt. I don’t think you’ll be able to get around the report consumers needing to have read access to the underlying data in a report. Perhaps create additional curated datasets from your payroll datasets that only have non-sensitive data, then create the reports to be shared from these new datasets?

Thank you, I’ve found a solution. I can grant them access to the dataset, without giving them access to the workspace.

Glad that you found a solution to your problem @mazhowitt.

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