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PowerQuery to extract time series data for lookup tables

Hi All,
I have a PowerQuery questions I am hoping you can assist with. I have done some extensive research but cannot find an appropriate solution.

I have a dimension table that is time series and I want to use this table, based on the date to extract comparative lookup tables (i.e. Prior Qtr, Same Qtr Last year, Prior Yr End). The comparative dates could be linked to a current Quarter Parameter or be a new one.

Based on a reference date, (I.e. Quarter end date), I want to be able to add a calculated column that identifies which row is included for said date. This would include current product names and those which were previously discontinued. For discontinued products, I would expect to see the last submission based on the reference date.

I have preferenced doing this in the query editor so these can be unique tables that populate into the model although am open to suggestions as to best practice to achieve this.

I have attached a sample data set with a table you can import, and included explanations and expected outputs in the lookup tables.

Please let me know if you need more information or if I can be clearer.


PowerQuery Time Series Example Data.xlsx (12.1 KB)

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Hi @123kerrod

I’ve had a look at your sample data. It’s my understanding that you want to use the list of products and dates to create new period tables that list the products within that period.

If so, then in PQ you’ll need to create a new query for each period table you need and use relative date filtering to return only the data you need. You’ll need the formula bar enabled though.

i.e. This will give you today a year ago, which could be used as a filter input.

Date.AddYears( Date.From( DateTime.LocalNow() ), -1 )

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Thanks for looking at this!

Yes that is part of it, however it needs to be able to handle where a product is not listed in the date filtered and bring in the last entry before that time. In excel, this would be something along the lines of large() from the dates up to the filtered date.