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PowerQuery Formatter

Hi All,

Just come across a new tool that can be used to Format and Beautify “Power Query” Code similar to one we have for DAX query. This will be helpful for anyone who works extensively on Power Query…

Ankit J



Great resource – thanks very much for sharing.

One tip to all who post about Power BI-related tools in the “Software and Tools” topic area - after you make the initial post, please follow it up with a second post adding a number of search keywords.

This has two benefits:

  1. it will make your post easier for others on the forum to locate
  2. it will allow us to credit you with the “Solve”, since a thread needs at least two posts for the solve option to appear.

Big thanks to all posting in this topic – it’s becoming a great repository/reference for information on enhancing Power BI functionality.

  • Brian