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Power Query Web scraping, Dealing with load more button


Please see the attached PowerBI file. I am trying to extract data from 01.01.2018 to 17.02.2021 from a website using link[20210217]. Sadly, I only get data extraction from 17.02.2021 to 18.12.2020 because further data is locked by a button called Load More.

How do I make Power Query to click the button a few times or to click it infinitely so I can get data from the range I selected?

PowerBI file:
Question 2.pbix (31.4 KB) !

Please see below the image with the button that is messing things up for me.

Hi @Roboboboberts , have you ever try

Or use the coinmarketcap API


I would still like to understand if it`s possible to click the load more button with Power Query.

Otherwise, I have to say that Coinmarkecap is a paid product thus I won`t use it. But as for I do not how to make PowerBI select period all. Do you know this?

Thank you!


Hi @Roboboboberts check this url , you have the start=2019-01-01 and end=2021-02-17 you can use parameters query ( like for the dimension Date Table) to call the url or manually filled the values

https: / / / history / ?start=2019-01-01&end=2021-02-17&currency=USD


This historical ETH price data is available for free and can be downloaded as a CSV using the button below. Data can be modified and published for commercial and non-commercial purposes under an attribution license – we only require that you link to when using this data publicly .

Use the date selection and download bottom. I just download the date range that you looking for.
2018-01-01_2021-02-17_ethereumprice_org.csv (84.3 KB)


The end game of the file would be adding top 20 cryptos to it. Sadly, I checked and the API does not provide that much information. Are there any alternatives ?


Please read the following article:

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I’d suggest LunarCRUSH for cryptocurrency, especially when you’re looking at anything like market share or market dominance.

Other solid options would be:

Along with all the ones in the article posted by @jbressan

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