Power BI online service sharing data


I currently update my data from an excel data source into power bi desktop and from there publish my report into the online version. Frustratingly I cannot get it to auto refresh due to no connections in my workplace so I essentially overwrite my reports each month.

Anyway - I have a datasource and a report in powerbi that’s looks at my numbers globally and within this there is a slicer to view it at each country level. Is there a way to use this one data source that will be refreshed each month but to limit the view of each country to their own data. In essence I want 12 reports (one for each country) that I can share with specific countries through online BI but its all coming from one report so I only want to refresh once and I don’t want one country being able to see another countries data.
As it stands the only way I can do this is to repeat the whole report 12 times which means storing the source data 12 times which seems unnecessary.

Thanks for any help - I have watched through all the online tutorial on this subject but it didn’t seem to cover this - perhaps because it cant be done.


Absolutely this can be done.

This is what Row Level Security is for.

Check out this video

And this one



That worked perfectly - I have spent a couple of days working through it and really happy - its very powerful.


That’s great. Yep it is really powerful when used correctly.