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Power Apps and Power Automate Masterclasses – the Sixth and Seventh New Courses on Enterprise DNA’s Educational Platform in 2021

Enterprise DNA Members,

This month, we are AGAIN doubling down on our promise to provide you a brand-new platform course every month by releasing two extensive courses (≈15 hours of material!) taught by our newest Enterprise DNA Expert, Henry Habib (@Henry.Habib on the forum). The Power Apps and Power Automate Masterclasses represent a major milestone for Enterprise DNA – our first foray outside of Power BI into the broader Microsoft Power Platform. (NOTE: the Power Apps course is available now in the portal. We are making final tweaks to the Power Automate course, and it will be available in the portal Tuesday, June 1).

We believe this expansion of our training focus will be hugely beneficial to Enterprise DNA Members – allowing you to expand from creating outstanding data reports and visualizations to full-blown enterprise applications. The flexibility and nearly seamless interoperability between the Power Platform components provides almost limitless possibilities – you can embed a Power App within a Power BI report and vice versa. Same with flows you create in Power Automate.

One of the limitations of Power BI that most of us have encountered at one time or another is that it was designed as a read-only reporting tool, with no ability to write back to the original data. However, now with Power Apps users can be given the ability to modify and/or add to the base data in real time, and the addition of that data can now trigger a flow to automatically update the original report.

Recently, I was talking with EDNA Expert Jarrett Moore (@JarrettM on the forum) about how he starts every workday with an hour of gathering new data from the web and loading it into his client Power BI reports. Now, by integrating Power Automate with his reports, this can all happen automatically, saving over 6 weeks of time per year.

If you’re not yet familiar with Henry, he is a management consultant based in Toronto who focuses on building Power Platform-based enterprise applications. He loves to teach, and has a clear, concise, well-organized and easygoing style that we think you’ll really enjoy.

With the exception of Henry and Zoe Douglas (@datazoe on the forum), most of the EDNA Expert team is learning these applications right alongside of you. We obviously will continue our strong focus on Power BI, but also on our YouTube channel will begin sharing what we learn about these other exciting tools.

Enterprise DNA prides itself on creating the most valuable Power BI users in the world, and we think this expanded focus on the broader Power Platform supports this vision beautifully.

We hope you enjoy these courses, and very much look forward to you joining us on this exciting new leg of the journey. Big thanks to Henry for his extensive work in developing two such comprehensive and detailed courses.

  • Brian

P.S. For more information about these courses, check out this entry in the Enterprise DNA Blog.


Just had a look at the course structure, lovely & extensive! Looking forward to getting stuck in!

Great stuff EDNA and welcome & thank you to @henry.habib

@DavieJoe ,

Yeah, no one will be lacking for content to watch. :grinning:

The combined total of these two courses is over 15 hours, and if you work through the examples in real time as recommended, it will take you substantially more time than that to complete.

  • Brian
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Sleep is over rated anyway :rofl:

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People still do that?.. :laughing:


Really impressed with this course, just started the Canvas Apps - Intermediate section and I feel I’ve learnt so much already. Lots of detail but it doesn’t feel rushed. I was genuinely grinning on the section where you create a “documentation page” and use that to control colour, sizes etc throughout your app.

@DavieJoe ,

Thanks very much for the feedback - great to hear you’re enjoying the course and learning a lot from it.

  • Brian
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Just a brief update on the Power Automate Masterclass. We had hoped to have this available in the portal Monday, May 31. However, there just so many chapters/videos associated with this course that it’s taking us just a shade longer than expected to edit/organize/post all of the content. We fully expect to have the course available to you the afternoon of Tuesday, June 1 ET. Thanks for your patience.

– Brian

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Just wondering if there is a video missing from the Power Apps course?

In the Canvass Apps - Intermediate section in the Customizing Galleries video we move onto the Navigation video where we get the HomeScreen in the video which wasn’t created in any of the previous videos.

I was just wondering in case there was any special functions or elements we need to create on this page or do we create it simply as it is shown on the video?



There are two short videos we did have to pull because of wonky frame rate and resolution, and @EnterpriseDNA is working with @henry.habib to replace as quickly as possible. However, they are later in the course (13th video in CDS Expert section on viewing data) and first video in last section on Model Driven apps that’s just a general into - neither should have a significant impact on the details/flow of the course).

I’ve looped Henry in directly above to confirm for sure, but I think per your question, the answer is just to create the home sceen as shown on video.

  • Brian
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Cool, just thought I’d check.


I am very pleased to report that as of this moment, the Power Automate course is now fully complete and live in the portal, and the two Power Apps videos that were experiencing wonky framerates have both been fully fixed.

In addition to course instructor @henry.habib , I would also like to publicly recognize two EDNA team members whose outstanding work we all benefit from daily, but whose names you might not know: Video Editor Extraordinaire Nikola Milanovic and Do-It-All Powerhouse Aikeen Poblacion. Both of them worked nearly around-the-clock the past few days to finish editing, organizing, QA/QCing and posting the 200+ individual videos that make up both of these courses, plus our YouTube intros and samples. So, a huge thanks to Nikola and Aikeen, and we all hope you enjoy and benefit greatly from these courses.

  • Brian

Thanks to everyone involved, superb stuff!

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