Past year sales calculation based on 5-4-4 financial year calendar

Hi Everyone,

Could you please put some light on how do i calculate past year sales based on 5-4-4 financial year calendar ? I tried using the function ‘SamePeriodlastyear’ function but i am getting the incorrect result.

Fiscal Year month start - 1st of July.

Check out this video here which describes how to do this


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Hi Sam,
Thank you very much for this.

I tried below formula with FY Month instead of FY Week Number as below, but i am not getting the last year number as desired.

Charged Hours LY = 
VAR Currentfinmonth=SELECTEDVALUE(Dates[FY Month])
VAR Currentfinyear=SELECTEDVALUE(Dates[FY Year Number])
CALCULATE([charged hours],
    Dates[FY Month]=Currentfinmonth &&
    Dates[FY Year Number]=Currentfinyear-1))

Hard to know what could be wrong just by placing a formula here. It’s likely that it could be to do with the context of your calculation or the data isn’t sufficient enough in your tables to work with this formula.

This is all information that is required to truly understand what the issue could be.

Can you add more info regarding the scenario you’re dealing with?


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Hi Sam,

I found this code in internet and it’s giving me the desired result though i am still trying understand the logic.

LY charged hours = 
IF (
    HASONEVALUE ( Dates[FY] ),
        SUM ( 'charged hours'[Charged Hours] ),
        FILTER (
            ALL ( DATES ),
            Dates[FY Year Number] = VALUES ( Dates[FY Year Number] ) - 1
                && CONTAINS(
                    VALUES ( Dates[FY Day Number of Year] ),
                    DATES[FY Day Number of Year],
                    DATES[FY Day Number of Year] )
    BLANK ()

As mentioned above without seeing more around your scenario there’s not much I can offer around a better solution to your requirements

Maybe look to add a pbix file.