Parameter for data file location

Hello, Recently I watched a video by Melissa which demonstrated how to use parameters to tell Power bi where to find the source data files, useful for example when having a test and a production environment. I did not bookmark the video and now cannot find it - my bad! Does anyone know of its location ?

( I hope I am not dreaming this :slight_smile: )

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Hello @Nickj,

Is this the video that you’re looking for? Because this video was created by one of our experts Nick.

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Hello Harsh, many thanks for the rapid reply. I am not sure if it is the same video, but it is the same topic so that is great !

Thanks again

Hey @Nickj
You better bookmark it :smile: LOL

I just bookmarked :smile:


:slight_smile: Hi, fyi another thing to bookmark. I think I was wrong in thinking the Melissa did the video. I think I watched Ruth at Curbal see

Either way a really good feature.


Hi @Nickj,

I did go through that in this video around the 2 min mark, maybe that’s the video you are referring to?

All the best.

Hi Melissa, so I wasn’t dreaming, thanks for the link (and of course for the video).