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Optimizing DAX - The First of Many New Courses on Enterprise DNA's Education Platform in 2021


Ever since I began my Power BI journey, I have strongly believed that Enterprise DNA membership provides incredible value in its outstanding content, exceptional forum support, and array of community activities. In 2021, we are taking that value to the next level by providing at least one brand new, in-depth course every month for the entire year. In addition to courses by Sam McKay, we have expanded the universe of EDNA content creators to our expert team in order to take advantage of their individual strengths and subject matter expertise. Power BI (and more broadly the Microsoft Power Platform) has become so feature-rich and flexible over the past five years that no one person or even group of people can master all of its capabilities and potential. However, by leveraging the diverse expertise and perspectives of the expert team, we feel that we can provide you the most comprehensive, innovative and practically applicable training available anywhere.

The course we are rolling out for this month is Optimizing DAX, taught by Enterprise DNA Expert @Nick_M. This course has been much requested over the past year and is a very important step in the eDNA learning path.


The mantra I have always followed with DAX is “make it work, then make it fast”. We have a lot of outstanding content on the former, but this is the first dedicated course focused on the latter. Nick will teach you how to diagnose the root causes of a slow measure, optimize your data model, and then improve your DAX code to increase performance.

Sam and I did an interview with Nick that you can find here, where he talks about the content of the course, and how to work through it to get the most out of the material. Here are the primary topic areas he covers in this course:


The courses we will be releasing this year will range from beginner to intermediate to advanced, with the majority being somewhere in the middle. However, this one requires some significant pre-learning. To get the most out of this course you should be very comfortable with the concepts covered in the Mastering DAX Calculations and Data Modeling courses highlighted above in the Learning Map. (Need to learn to make it work before you can learn to make it fast…).

We are confident though that with this background knowledge, you will find this course interesting, practical and highly beneficial to your own projects. The entire content creation team is really looking forward to going on this journey with you this year, and we welcome your feedback throughout.
Here’s the link to the course: Optimizing DAX

As an added bonus, we will be rolling out a new initiative soon that will provide you additional support and instruction in remedying performance problems with your specific measures. But that’s a message for another day…

Huge thanks to Nick for all his hard work in designing and implementing this outstanding course.

  • Brian

Hi @BrianJ,

Just an hour ago I watched the video and thought about the missing blog :stuck_out_tongue: and now here we go…

Its really a nice addition to the End to End Power BI path.

Thanks @Nick_M for your contribution a looking forward learning to this…




Just an hour ago I watched the video and thought about the missing blog :stuck_out_tongue: and now here we go…

Yes, still getting the hang of having the YouTube video, the forum post, the portal content and the webpage all drop at the same time, coordinated across four cities and 16 hours of time zone changes. Not as simple as you might think. :grinning:

But well worth the wait – I think you and many others will really enjoy this course. Please do let us know.

– Brian

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Hi @BrianJ,

Agree with you that it’s really hard when we need to manage such coordinates. thought about the missing blog – I meant, was thinking to write but I knew team will post it and it was worth waiting.

Kudos to EDNA family to have such interactive forum… :slight_smile:


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Thanks @BrianJ for that write-up! I really think everyone here will ( hopefully ) get some good ideas and benefit out of the course.

@MK3010, you are right on the money that EDNA has a great community. I started my journey in all of this a few years ago and joining EDNA was the biggest catalyst in really changing my life. Not to sound over dramatic, but developing these skills literally has been life-changing.

I use this stuff every day on “front-lines”, so while I haven’t been as active here as I would like, the community has been built to be a great resource with many smart and great people.




Well done Nick and Brian for bringing this together.

Wonderful addition to our platform and excited about this being the start of something huge for Enterprise DNA.



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