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Opened and Closed Projects Over Time with Dups

I have a project open and closed date. The open date is my primary key to the master date table.

My data has duplicate Project’s which is throwing me off. The duplicates are because there are multiple technology apps aligned to each project. I need to be able to filter by Apps if need be.

All the data by project is the same exact the app changes. So I was thinking I could use a MAX function and that would pick up the first value and it would all work out…

I also need to use the ALL function in the calculation because when i pick Fiscal FY22 the average days open also need to account for projects opened in FY21 and closed in FY22.

You can see how i started it in the attached PBX

Open and Closed Projects.pbix (103.2 KB)
Test DateDiff.xlsx (17.8 KB)

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We can close it out as I actually figured out a solution yesterday.

Below is the sum of the max measure using the user relationship to flip the relationship from created to closed.

(IAP) Sum of Max Dates Between =
SUMX( VALUES(‘Sharepoint - IAP’[Intake Number]),
MAX(‘Sharepoint - IAP’[(IAP) Date Between Created & Closed]))),
USERELATIONSHIP(‘Sharepoint - IAP’[Date - Closed], ‘Master Date Table
Open/Created’[Date]), ‘Sharepoint - IAP’[Intake State] = “Completed”)