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Not Registered in Last 6 Months

Ok, so I watched the video you created on “Secondary Table Logic Inside of Power BI Using Dax.” I was able to retool the formula so that it worked for my circumstances, which was finding the individuals with registrations in the last 182 days (6 months).

Registrations Last 182 Days = 
    FILTER( ALL(Dates ),   
        Dates[Date] > [Last Date] - 182 && Dates[Date] <= [Last Date]) )

Now what I want to do is find the number of individuals without registrations in the last 182 days (6 months). Initially I started thinking this would require an additional filter to find those whose registration count is equal to 0. But thats where my thinking runs out on how to do this successfully.

Also want to note that in order for them not to have a registration in that timeframe means their ID is present in the Student table that is linked to the Registrations Table. So by their ID not being present in the Registration table that means there is no registrations for the specified timeframe.

But there is a catch in this. It does not necessarily mean that could have had a registration in that timeframe. Meaning they could have actually graduated in that timeframe.

Is this even using secondary table logic, it doesn’t seem to be from my perspective. Your just iteration through the date table.

Secondary table mean when the table is disconnected.

I’ll work on this one.

Just a heads up this logic can be complex

Again, images would be helpful. It’s impossible to visualize everything you describe

If you want to get a start on the logic,

Check out the lost customers logic in this post