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Hi All

Im having a bit of difficulty with the below problem.


SLA 3 Admin Next Working Day (Calculated Column) - Once the completed date has been updated in the system then this will update & generate a calculated column called ‘Completed next working day’ (Date)

THE SLA 3 Admin Next Working Day (Calculated Column) is based on the next working day of the completed next working day i.e. the following, following next day. (if that makes sense)

It has been going well so far in the table - however once it gets to the weekend, it is returning a blank field, which then triggers the SLA to Fail

SLA 3 Admin NextWorkingDay = 
        MINX (
            FILTER (
                MTSE[Completed Date NextWorkingDay] > EARLIER ( MTSE[Completed Date NextWorkingDay])
                    && **MTSE[*Admin Next Day following Completed Day is A] = "Working Day"**
            MTSE[Completed Date NextWorkingDay]
        IF ( MTSE[*Admin Next Day following Completed Day is A]= "Weekend", NWDAY, MTSE[Completed Date NextWorkingDay] +1)

I think the issue is related to another calculated column called

Admin Next Day following Completed Day is A

this is how it is setup in the background

on day NR 6 - it is set to Weekend

however if i change this to “Working Day”

then the blank day generates a next working day

ANy help would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance

Hi @martynross85. I see the result of SWITCH 1 is spelled differently (“Workin Day”); perhaps that might improve things a bit?


Hi @Greg,

Good Spot - and that would defo have caused another issue - however still same result.

Further looking into it - it seems it is evaluating the weekend correctly - but the transition from thursday to Friday is the issues - see below

Hi @martynross85. If possible, can you please provide a work-in-progress PBIX for the forum members to use to further their analysis?

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