Next Learning Summit


Hi Sam
Just wondering do you have any updates when the next learning summit is hoping to be?



Will be end of August. Likely running over 2-3 days. Just getting content together over next couple of weeks


no worries thanks !
Look forwards to it.


Have a question after watching the first 2 days of August summit, especially after Attrition Analysis session. Too complicated for me at present !! I am just starting in BI and only created simple drop/drag charts with only a few DAX calculations.

My question is with these complex visuals, what is the best way or the forums advice to verify that the calculations are correct? Obviously, for some you could use tables. But some seem pretty complicated to even do that.

Just curious. Thanks.


Just place as much information around the scenario as you can into the forum topic you create.

Including images of the data and model. And also include the DAX measures as well.

Yes the topic today were a little more advanced but getting exposure to them is great because you can see the potential of where Power BI can take you analysis.

The forum is to help on whatever we can, so the more information always helps.

Let me know if any other questions.
Chrs, Sam


Hi Sam,

Great job at Session 5 with Financials. I have been looking for a financial solution since I have been learning BI (few months - want to make sure models etc are set up correctly before start visuals) and haven’t found anything. I knew if I waited you would come up with it - much less complicated than other solutions I have seen. Great idea and technique !

Couple of questions:

Is it possible to have comments (why an expense is high for example) for a specific line item in a given month that could appear in a drill down/drill through scenario for user to see. Perhaps, add column in the Financial Details table? Also, is it possible to highlight cells that have comments?

Second, I tried printing the Financial Report but since so many rows it only prints initial screen. If I needed to give this to bank etc is there a way to get full report? Dont want to have to duplicate in Excel.

Thanks so much for your help.



Regarding comments, there would be some additional work arounds but you possibly could find a solution.

The idea is somewhat reviewed here

Around printing,

I would say you best option at the moment would be to do a screen grab and paste it into powerpoint and then turn that into a pdf.

The printing in Power BI still isn’t that great as you’ve experienced.