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Newb IF Statement Confusion

Data files attached. See logic tab for this question.
HIPAA requirements so much of the data model has been removed for this post.
I’m trying to compare gross billable to not allowed and when the two equal create a measure (sum?) of the not allowed amount as Denied Revenue.

I’ve filtered the data down to a day where I know there’s billable line at $200 & the not allowed is also $200. I called the IF statement measure TEST & it populates properly so I know the logic part is working.

BUT I can’t seem to get a total on the resulting logic result which implies the IF statement only creates a text result vs a numerical result? I’ve dug through many resources and can’t find any statement saying IF statements can’t result in numerical data but seems that may be the case?

If this is the case what’s the better way to use IF logic comparing these two columns to get a total of the claims fully rejected by the insurance providers.

Thank you in advance -


FrequencySample.pbix (396.9 KB)

Hi @gkavesh

Create another measure Total Test that take you logic measure test to totalize the result.

Total Test = SUMX(AllTest,[test])

I was so close as I was trying to make a new measure for this result but working it off the wrong table for sumx!

Yes this is exactly the part I was missing…Thank you

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