New Power BI Visualization Challenges - Potential New Initiative?

We’re thinking of starting up some data visualization challenges through Enterprise DNA every week.

What do you think?

We can arrange the data and then those interested can build a Power BI report page/s that we can showcase throughout our marketing channels.

Let us know if you would participate in something like this?



That’s a great idea Sam, I would be interested in challenging myself.



This is great Sam, very much interested.

Sounds a good idea, I’m interested.

I would participate. Great idea.

very good idea

I’d be interested. The visualization part is generally my weakest point.

Would somebody be looking at these and giving pointers??


Hi Sam. Great idea … I’d be interested in both in participating and viewing the response thread to see solutions of other members. Is it your thought to include a set of questions the sample data could try to answer, or would it be more of a “free-for-all”? Thanks, Greg

:+1: - I’m in. Definitely looking to improve my design skills and get some new ideas.

Yes we’ll look to embed this into our forum or some community location. Still to be decided exactly how we’ll execute on it all

Hi Sam,

I think its an awesome idea.

Great way to put in to practice what I have learnt.


Great idea

That’s a great idea.

Thank you Sam,

I would be interested in participating


I would participate.
Great idea.

Great Initiative and Great Idea.
Like this we can learn and enhance our skills…
I am interested.

Good Idea

I would love to participate

Definitely a great idea… would like the challenge.

Great idea. I am interested.