New Customer metric


I’ve used the following formula from the New Customer Analysis video

New Customers Sales = 
VAR CustomerTM = VALUES('Order Intake'[Cust. ID])
VAR PriorCustomers = CALCULATETABLE(VALUES('Order Intake'[Cust. ID]),
    'Calendar'[Date] > MIN('Calendar'[Date])-750 &&
    'Calendar'[Date] < MIN('Calendar'[Date])))
    CALCULATE([Total Orders],EXCEPT(CustomerTM,PriorCustomers))

There is a filter on the page for 2018 - ie only new customers in 2018 to appear

This part of the filter:

‘Calendar’[Date] > MIN(‘Calendar’[Date])-750 &&
‘Calendar’[Date] < MIN(‘Calendar’[Date])))

I thought was creating a table off all dates 750 days before 1st January 2018 therefore it would then return only Customers who did not appear within this table.

However, it appears to be including customers that DO appear in this table.
eg a customer with an order dated 22nd Dec 2016

What could be wrong here? Order Intake is linked to Calendar via Order Date

Some images of the results you are seeing would be helpful here to assess more what’s happening.

Basically I don’t believe it should be showing them so I would need to see more, potentially look at the model.

Logically what you are calculating here is you are comparing the customers in the current context (CustomerTM…probably should be CustomerTY if you are looking at a yearly context) with all the customers in the prior 750 days (PriorCustomers)

I’ve not actually dug in, but is the min here the issue? Shouldn’t it be less than the max?

‘Calendar’[Date] < MIN(‘Calendar’[Date])))

My understanding …… and I could be wrong …… is the filter looks at what is already filtered. In this case the page is filtered for Year 2018 therefore MIN (Calendar[Date]) is = 1st Jan 2018. Making the date table for the period:
11/12/2015 to 31/12/2017

Think I’ve solved it. The calendar table didn’t go back far enough for the data in the model