New Column in Excel


Having a bit of confusion on an Excel Spreadsheet that I have in Power BI.

If a new column is added to the Spreadsheet and then Power BI is refreshed the model breaks and won’t update. How do we handle this situation?? I certainly don’t want to have to recreate my model in the Query Editor.

Thoughts anyone??


It’s just the reality of bringing in any data and then having query transformations over your table.

You data structure need to stay the same.

When you look inside the query editor then the advanced editor you’ll see the code reference every column in some way, depending a lot on what type of transformations you’re doing.

What type of column actually is it. There some occasions where it can work out but most of the time you want you data structure to be the same.


There was a column of text data added to the spreadsheet after it had gone through the Modeling process.

It would be great if there was a way to add this info after the fact. Users don’t always follow the rules and will change the data


Yes I know it’s not ideal.

I just don’t believe there is a way around this, based on how the query editor and M code works.

It works in a sequential way and if something at the start doesn’t match out to anything in the sequence of transformations then it falls over.

Somehow process just needs to be in place where the consumer or additional developers don’t create issue like this.