Need some design inspiration for your reports?

Check out our new report design inspiration page we’re creating on our Knowledge Base

Let us know what you think.


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Brilliant Sam, definitely useful when thinking about UX and design perspectives of reports and dashboards.


Yep, idea to is to build this up over time and get a large database of great UI designs that members can leverage off


I agree. Feeling in a bit of a rut lately re: my report designs, and this provides a nice jolt of new ideas to get me exploring some new directions.

Wanted to float an idea that I think would be a good complement to this resource - an eDNA member design challenge, that in some ways would be the mirror image of the eDNA certification. Certification modules provide a data set and a picture of the desired end report, and the member needs to create the data model and measures to produce that report. What about the flip side, where the members are given the data model, the measures and the data set, but have the leeway to produce any report that they think represents well what is going on with the data? Encouraged to use custom themes, custom visuals, unique design elements, etc. Members submitting entries would agree to share their PBIX files with their submission, so others could easily replicate their design elements, themes, etc. in their own reports.

Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this, as well as from members as to whether they would be interested in participating in something like this?

Thanks for continuing to develop great new resources like the Report Design Inspiration knowledgebase component.

  • Brian
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Cool Idea Brian…I know that data world are doing something similar called #MakeoverMonday…where every Monday they release a data set and the challenge is to create the most compelling visual and informative report. its mainly focused on Tableau but no reason we couldn’t do something better in Power BI.