Mulitpling down a row in DAX


Is there a way to mulitply down a row?


Prod 1 2
Prod 2 3
Prod 1 4
Prod 2 2
Prod 1 6
Prod 2 5

Prod 1 = 48 calculation is 2x4x6
Prod 2 = 30 calculation is 3x2x5

How would your write this in a DAX formula?
Thanks for you help in advance!


This is an interesting use case. Not something I’ve worked on before.

I spent quite some time this morning attempting to find a good solution, but no luck yet.

I will have to come back to this one.


It’s crazy but this actually isn’t so difficult, but had my head spinning as there is actually a bug in this calculation.

Here’s how simple this is…


The only thing you need to do is make sure the numbers in the table are formatted as decimals NOT whole numbers.

Whole numbers return far different answers, when they shouldn’t which is a shame.

Very frustrating as was pulling my hair out on this one for quite some time.