More Consistent Use of Solution Tag

This forum is a great community and a fantastic resource. I would like to offer a constructive suggestion that I think will further increase its usefulness. For those requesting assistance through the forum, it really helps in three different ways if you check the green “Solution” box after receiving a satisfactory solution to your question:

  1. it lets the responder(s) and site administrators know that the problem got resolved;
  2. for those of us who scan the forum regularly looking to assist, it makes it much easier to identify problems that are still open (i.e., minimizes the chances of any questions “falling through the cracks”); and
  3. it allows members with the same problem in the future to search the forum for relevant posts and see that there is a solution available.

While I think tagging solutions is primarily the responsibility of the original requesters, it would also help if the site administrators see a clear solution that was not tagged by the requester, and tag it themselves.

Thanks for considering this recommendation.

  • Brian

Thanks Brian, totally agree. I actually have my team attempting to monitor the forum and adding solutions where they see appropriate.

Sometimes these are missed so I think it is a good idea to get users to add the solution where it’s possible. I’ll have a think about how to advertise this more somewhere on the forum


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