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I have some data from 09/2019 to current month. Despite having a reasonably comprehensive date table (provided), I’m having difficulty sorting a column chart to display data (from L to R) for Sept, Oct (2019) …… to Jan (2020). I’ve tested sorting the Calendar Table Date column using the CurMonthOffset column and that produces the correct L to R display but displays the CurMonthOffset values eg. -4, -3, -2 …. to 0. Zero being the current month, but I want the month names displayed and not other values that might be associated with the sort.

Any suggestions are more than welcome.

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PowerBIPro - CalendarTable.txt (7.7 KB)


Using your date table, if you sort your x-axis column by the MonthYearNum column you should get the result you want.

See sample below:


Hope this is helpful. Full solution file posted below.

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Hi Brian

Thnx heaps …. it worked a treat
Simple … but I just couldn’t ‘see’ it



Great – glad that was what you needed. I’ve been there too - enough times that I keep this cheat sheet on my desktop to keep the date table fields straight, and figure out which column I can use to sort which other columns.

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