Modifying Relationship in the Same Canvas

Hello Everyone,

Need help with a DAX calculation that I want to perform.

The scenario is like this:

I have a slicer based on which I activate & deactivate various relationships and based on that all the calculations on my canvas change.

Now, what I want a measure to be evaluated on the same canvas but, with a constant relationship, i.e., irrespective of the relationship changes dynamically through a slicer.

So, let’s say; a measure that will always relate back to “Order date” irrespective of dynamic changes in the canvas on the relationship.

Hi @quantumudit. To help better-visualize your issue, can you post your work-in-progress (or a sample) PBIX and a screenshot or mockup of your desired outcome?

Sure, @Greg will put some dummy numbers and share the file ASAP

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