Measures on Matrix

My Fact table has units sold and 4 different addon units sold. I have written the measures to calculate for each of the 4 Addon types the penetration stat (Addon unit sold / Units Sold). Easy enough as well to expand this for MTD/YTD/LYTD and Budget.

It’s easy enough to get these measures onto cards or Kpi visuals, but I’d just like to put them onto a matrix visual but can’t seem to do so. Ideally I’d like a matrix view looking like this:
Columns across – ActMTD Act YTD etc

Rows down
Addon Penetration (product1)
Addon Penetration (product2)
Any ideas??



A copy of your PBIX would be handy if you are unable to get this working the way you have described. I have attached a copy of one of sample matrix with similar values. You could use product instead of type, and just use your measures for MTD/YTD/LYTD instead of 4 that I have.




Hi Jarrett
Apologies for late response. Day job as CFO taking up a bit of time.
I think I’ve worked this one out and will use cascading subtotals to perform what I want.
I already have a disconnected table which I am using to do other aspects of the financials for the area I raised the query for. I reckon this will work well for what I had queried on the forum.

Thanks for help though

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