Measure as a reference line not responding as expected

is it possible to get a dynamic reference line on a graph:

so the solid line is the measure; that’s how I would like the reference line to show, a rise as of 2023 from 1000 to 3474.
When I use the measure as a reference line (dashed line) it just sums up both years and shows a total of 4474 for the entire period instead of 2022 = 1000 & 2023 = 3474.

Because I use the same measure; I gues its something technical with the “reference line” part of the graph?

My understanding is that the reference lines work over the entire period shown, not breaking the data by year. So you may need to build out your reference as a separate measure.

Deneb could do it … haven’t seen an example using the native visuals.

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You’ve definitely got to put some elbow grease into it, but you can accomplish quite a bit with error bars in native visuals. More than you might imagine.

For some inspiration, take a look at @Gustaw’s example here.