Mean line showing all columns


Think this is a simple one i just cant think of how i done it before.

Basically i want the bottom graph in screen shot with my mean line measure added.

When i try and add it get all the blank columns show as shown in the top graph.

see screen shot and PBIX file.

Sigma Test3.pbix (971.0 KB)

Hi Dan,

The reason for the blank columns appearing is that there’s no [Actual Minutes By Selected Sigma Level] value for each Ship Set on your axis BUT your Mean (μ) measure does have a value for each Ship Set… the measure below checks the [Actual Minutes By Selected Sigma Level] before returning the Mean (μ)

Mean (μ) no blanks = 

        ISBLANK( [Actual Minutes By Selected Sigma Level]) || [Actual Minutes By Selected Sigma Level] =0 | 
        BLANK() |
        IF(BLANK()|BLANK()|AVERAGEX(ALLSELECTED('SAP Last 40 Ship Sets (Hassan)')|[Actual Minutes]))

Thanks Melissa

I have question what do the vertical lines mean ? as when i import them to my File i get errors i have had this before and cant remember how i solved it.


Please replace the single vertical line with a comma if that is your list separator, the double vertical lines are equal to OR

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