MAX Not calculating correctly with multiple user selections


Hi Sam

I have a table of historic overtime data for a list of locations by month and am trying to get the maximum overtime value to calculate correctly when multiple are selected by the end user

ie: in the below example should be showing 3388 but is showing 5493.

What am I missing?

Many Thanks




Ok yes, this one I believe is all to do with the context within the SUMMARIZE function.

When using variables the results are at a ROW context, but we need then in a FILTER context within the SUMMARIZE.

Can you try something.

Place the MAXOTHOURS inside a measure by itself.

Then reference that measure inside the SUMMARIZE after the return.

See if that improves it.

If not can you possibly add a demo resource and I can have a more detailed play around


Hi Sam

Many thanks! that seems to have done the trick. :smile: smile:
Context of DAX really is doing my head in!!



Yes this can be the most complex one to get the head around. Sometimes stumps me also.