Matrix sort by column totals

I have a matrix visualization summing hours by manager across project id.

I want to sort “across” based on the total hours per project.

For example, if project ZZZ has 100 hours total I want it to appear in the column before project QQQ with 50 hours.

Any ideas on how?


Please post a picture of your Matrix so that we can better assist you.


If I understand you correctly, you’d be looking for something like below?
I don’t think there is a pretty way to do that, what does seem to work is add a calculated column to the table with your Projects ranking them and add that [Sort] field to the Column section of the matrix first followed by [Projects] and then expand a level down in hierarchy (because this doesn’t work with a measure).

Downside is that unlike a column you can’t hide the [Sort] row by resizing it so it will remain visible.
Perhaps instead you could add a rank as prefix to your Project ID??
But maybe someone else has a better idea.

Thanks, looks like that’ll be the way to go. Hard to believe Microsoft doesn’t have a native capability for this yet, but I’ve been unable to find anything on the web either.
I appreciate the suggestion.