Manage interactivity using filters on Filters pane

This is a separate thread from a previous post related to using dax within a text field.

I am managing the filter within a page (not using slicer within the canvas) but do not want the TABLE visual in green box (contains dynamic dax) to interact with the tiles in red boxes. How would you do it?

Let me know if you need more clarifications.

Hello @llchoong,

If I understand correctly your request you need to Stop Cross-filtering between “Green” and “Red” visuals on the page.
Selecting each “red” visual you could go to Format Tab and click the “Edit interactions” button like.


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if Cristian’s info isn’t clear enough, take a look at this:

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I have tried those in the past. This time my filter is in the Filter pane and one of the visuals in the canvas is a TABLE with dax and text which should not interact with the other card tiles. It’s a little different from what I know with using interactivity.

Snapshot - green -> do not interact with the red which is controlled by filter in filter pane.

Controlling these interactivity through a slicer in the canvas will work but I am trying not to have the slicer in there as we can exporting it to pdf.

Hope this helps.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to control filter pane interactions the way you can control slicer interactions. A filter that is set in the "on this page’ area - will impact all of the visuals on the page.

If you absolutely cannot put a slicer on the page, then you will have to modify your Text Measure to ignore that particular filter, with use of functions like ALL or ALLEXCEPT.

Alternatively, you could consider putting the slicer onto the page and editing the interactions as suggested above, and then add a bookmark that hides the slicer when the button is pressed. A second bookmark with a more discrete button could be added to return to the view with the slicer.
This would require training your users to create the PDF only after the hide slicer button was pressed.

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Heather, the team I support came up with another idea. Build those metrics on a different table and list them on a canvas and update those metrics down the road. In this way, it would not interact with the other tiles. Thank you again for your input.

I’m glad you were able to come up with something that will work for you - thinking ‘outside the box’ is often the best way to come up with some truly noteworthy reports.