Make category label dynamic


Is it possible?

Hello @llchoong,

If you are using a Card visual you can have only the Color of the Category Label dynamic, for now

You might use a different Visual and build a disconnected table with different Selection that you need to change and then , with a SWICH () in a Selected Measure just show dynamically, based on your selection, a different measure.

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Thank you !


Hi Linda,

Yes it is possible to create

First create a card visual using your measure data (in this example - “Incentives Paid”)
Download a icon from web and insert that using Insert Ribbon -> Image option. (Make sure to find a transparent png icon for better resolution)

Let me if you have any other question about this.

Hi Cristian, it worked! Thank you!

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Yes, it was the dynamic category label I was trying to set. But the png icon was also something I discovered recently. Thank you!