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M Language/Power Query Deep Dive


I’m pretty new to Power BI, so I only knew about how useful it could be from a data visualization and DAX perspective. I was pretty fascinated by the course on Data Modeling because it opened up a whole new range of possibilities for PBI. I was really intimidated by the Power Query part of Power BI, and it was incredibly helpful to go through it so I could get a basic understanding and best practices.

Even though it is mentioned very briefly about how the advanced editor works, I feel like there is immense potential in how much work can be done by dominating very effectively the advanced editor/M language.

Are there any plans on talking more about M? I looked online and couldn’t find anything on YouTube that resembles the style that is taught here, which is filled with real-life business questions and topics that I can apply at work. Most of the stuff I found online (which wasn’t a lot) were blog posts or M applied to excel.

This could be useful because I feel like many data analysts spend most of their time modeling datasets and tidying them up, so any improvement in that process would be really helpful in reaching that next level in our careers.

Thanks again for your help and knowledge! Have a good week!

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Have you taken a look at:

And yes, I agree that PQ is just as valuable (if not more than DAX) since PQ and Data Modeling go hand in hand. Can also use this forum to ask specific questions.

Power Query in PowerBI and Power Query in Excel are one in the same. So whatever you come across that is done in excel can be done in PBI.

Hi @Nick_M,

Thanks for your reply. It was precisely that course that opened my eyes to how important PQ is and I was just wondering if there were plans to expand on this topic to give us a deeper level of knowledge, because a proper modeling process is what allows analysts to have good data to make DAX even easier.

I will look into the content for Excel and try to apply it in PBI. I will definitely use the forums in case I have any questions.

Thanks a lot! :cowboy_hat_face:

Yes run through the advanced transformation course in detail, this will set you on the right path.

The reason there isn’t much focus on M throughout the course material is because you just don’t really need to learn it completely to get the most out of Power BI. You just need to understand it.

That what I go through in this video here.


Don’t fully agree with you here @sam.mckay, because if you apply that logic, the same can be said for DAX. Once you get your head around it’s concepts no need learn it completely either :thinking: but seeing the vast amount of content on DAX going into specific scenario’s that doesn’t seem to be the case…

As you know Power Query is the Data Connectivity and Data Preparation technology that enables end users to Extract, Transform and Load data from within a wide range of Microsoft products, including Excel, Power BI, Analysis Services, Common Data Services for Apps & Analytics and more.

To me, just the number of products listed in which Microsoft has placed this product suggests it’s a valuable skill to have or develop.
But as the Enterprise DNA Forum illustrates many have little knowledge of M and find good online resources are limited and hard to find. This suggests to me that, like DAX, besides a good understanding of the fundamentals and concepts in M, working out specific scenario’s is considered valuable content.

Looking at the many excellent courses Enterprise DNA offers, only one focusses on Power Query and I and believe if that were to change there’s a great number of potential new customers for Enterprise DNA out there who are not Power BI users but do want to develop Power Query skills.
So if Enterprise DNA wants to fill that gab and explore or discuss developing more content in detail, I’ll make myself available to assist in any way I can just send me an email.

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Have you considered providing this content yourself through the Enterprise DNA Power Users Channel? I think a series, perhaps using forum questions/problems as a springboard, walking through M/PQ functions with an applied focus (just the way @sam.mckay does with DAX) would draw a lot of interest and would fill an important gap in the Power BI world.

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Thanks Melissa, you make some good points.

I’m always open to new ideas, so will consider it and evaluate when and if it makes sense to add more content like this.


Yep agree with Brian here, we’re really trying to support member generated content, so if you would like to get involved get in touch and we can discuss further.

We’re also looking to partner with more and more content creators across a range of technologies so keen to get the experts involved.



I hadn’t considered providing this content myself but I’m open to it.

I’ll get in touch so we can discuss this further.

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Hi … I found M is for Data Monkey by Ken Puls and Miguel Escobar really good.


Welcome to the forum!

We are compiling a list of recommended M/Power Query resources here:

How to expand your knowledge on M?

We have “M is for Data Monkey” listed, but if you have any other favorites we’ve missed, please add them to the thread.


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