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M -Code table contains

Hi DNA Team,

I will appreciate your help.

table cotains.xlsx (87.5 KB)

I have grouped the table by column A and I would like to return only the grouped value if the table in row b contains “2590-9010”

I used the following m code but I run into an error, could you please help

each if Table.Contains([AllRows],“2590-9010”) then 1 else 0)

Hi @Matty,

Please see the documentation on Table.Contains here

As second argument it requires a row as record
see the updated M code below.

each if Table.Contains([AllRows],[Account = "2590-9010"]) then 1 else 0

Note that there’s no match in the sample you’ve provided.

Thank you @Melissa I did a type error ought to be 2510-9010 .

Thank you very much !