Let's Say We Created An EDNA Podcast - What Should We Call It?

Let’s throw some ideas around.

We have the best Power BI community out there so I’m sure we can come up with something great between everyone.

One thing to note, I think I want to stay away from specifically mentioning Power BI, because it boxes you in to much for the future. Think of more flexible names that could cover things like analytics, data etc.

Enterprise DNA is becoming more than just Power BI training, we have a few other things we’re getting into around analytics and data management, so we need to stay broad so that we can produce a variety of content (if this happens at all).

Look forward to seeing what we can come up with

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Here’s some that I’ve come up with on the spot

Analytics Circle
Enterprise Analytics
Building Your Enterprise Command Center
Enterprise Automation
Power Up The Enterprise
Enterprise Insights
Analytics Voice


My suggestion – eDNA Command Center

I like Enterprise Analytics but Enterprise to me increasingly has connotations of large scale business applications … it might not initially pull in the people in the smaller guy/girl companies out there who might think it’s not geared towards smaller scale analytics application.
Analytics Hub sounds good to me too but possibly too similar to the Analyst Hub thing.
Just some initial thoughts. Aware that not much in the way of useful names suggested. Will have a think and come back.


Get your facts and dimensions straight


Be the reason someone smiles to data

Analytics Centre? (or Center in US English)

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Analyticx Today
  2. Candid Insights
  3. DataSight
  4. DataIQ
  5. AdvanData
  6. Bold Analytics
  7. Ace Data
  8. Data Matter
  9. GeniusPod
  10. Data Monk
  11. Groventure
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I really like @Mo.jo.jo’s suggestion of Analytics Hub. Ties to the brand, right from the title I know what this podcast is about, but broad enough to cover a wide range of topics.

EDNA Happy Hour 1: Getting started with BI, Jobs, roles etc
EDNA Happy Hour 2: How BI is changing organizations and our clients
EDNA Happy Hour 3: Importance of implementing BI

BI for Thought

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How about:

  1. EDNA Talks
  2. EDNA Fireside Chats
  3. EDNA RoundTable



Simply - EDNA Ramblings


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I like the idea of sticking with eDNA as part of the name, ties nicely into the brand - which is good if someone finds the Podcast interesting, but has not yet found the You Tube, Forum, or Courses

eDNA Analytics Hub has a nice ring



I was going to suggest that but noticed @JarrettM beat me to it LOL


Hi All,

What about “Passion for data”, is the thing that is common to all of us no matter our background, also Passion meaning strong attachment and data is the base for Power BI. Passion can make the difference between good and great.

Have a nice day.



EDNA - Mic On !
This Is Our DNA
BI Series
BI Experiences
Today in EDNA
EDNA Together
EDNA - Live Together
Switch on EDNA
Beyond Data
Beyond Analytics
BI With Me
EDNA Venture
D2B (Data to Business)
EDNA - Spot In !


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Thanks all. Love all the thoughts and input.

Guess we’re really going to have to consider doing this thing!

Another one to throw in the mix:

Data Story, or
Data Stories

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BI Dimensions
The Anatomy of Data Intelligence (with Sam McKay)

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I’m also liking

Analytics Command Center

It has some broad meaning that could encapsulate a lot of things I would like to use this platform to discuss.

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This is happening by the way. Stayed tuned!