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Last 4 weeks sales (or months) for each week (or month)

Hi guys,
I would love to have this visual like this document attached, with my sales and costs by week, but only with the last 4 or 5 weeks from the chosen date.
Thanks in advance

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Hi @pedroccamara,
If you can provide us with a PBIX sample that would be great. Otherwise, why don’t you use a date filter and then you can choose the period you want to look at. For example in your slicer you can put year & week as in the picture, and then choose how many weeks you want to back at.

steps you can do -

  1. Set up a Date table. Ensure the date table has a column week Number
  2. To set up a week number use - WeekNo = WEEKNUM(‘Date’[Date], 2) - “2” indicates your week starts on a Monday
    3.Build your measures to calculate Net Revenue, Net Cost & Profits
  3. To set up the week description set up a new column on the date table and define week text description as weekText = COMBINEVALUES("-", FORMAT(‘Date’[Date], “yyyy”), ‘Date’[WeekNo])
  4. on your report set up a date slicer - change report setting to “Between”
    6 Now set up a pivot table. select week text for the Row and the measures in the values
  5. Between the given selected date range all weeks will be displayed as a separate row


let me know if you have any follow up questions

Hello Hassan
I did something between having no answers. I wanted to be automatic and depending on the chosen periode and also vertical, like this pic attached4 weeks ago
In the filters section i choose Top N on 1 and by year n week Sort. But…what if i would like the week & year on columns and those 5 values on rows…and this what i’m not being able to do…
Otherwise this works. I’ll just have to change my report properly.
Thanks a lot for your help Hassan

Hello and many thanks for your answer,
Yes i did it all but what i wanted is to be automatic and with the measures on rows and year and week on columns. But i did it with a multi-row card. It’s not perfect the way i would like, but it’s good also.
Thanks anyway
Best regards

Sure. I’m quite new here but i will be more careful next time before posting.
Can you please tell me how can i end a conversation, that is, if it’s needed?
Thanks for the warning

You could use a Matrix Visual and set the measures to show on rows and the rest on columns.
Go to the format section of the Matrix visual and set the property for it like in the picture attached
Measures on Rows|145x500

Hey Cristian
I did try it didn’t let me. Also, i can’t see your pic
And thanks for helping me

Pedro - to get the measures on row - there is an existing option “Show On Rows” for matrix table

**Capture **

then you put weektext Capture on column

this is your end result

let me know if that helps
all the best


Hey, thank you so much for that. Didn’t knew that one.
But in my case, still don’t work. My values are in the values box and in the columns the year&week. It doesn’t let me move the values to the rows, even after changing showing on rows…
It’s ok, really. I would love to fix this cose i believe it would be better to my report, but i did it with matrix and TOP N filter. It works more or less the same that i want.
There’s so many things to learn and so less time for it…and i even didn’t passed the 5% knowledge… :grinning:
Thank you so much all of you guys

Hello Pedro - you do NOT have to move your Measures that are in the Values section of the matrix table to the Rows.

just go into the Format tab of the matrix and turn on option “Select on Rows”. this will display Measures as rows instead of columns…

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Didn’t i told you about the 5%…
Thank you so much! Big help!

Hey @C9411010,
Could you, please, teach me how to embed pics in Replys?
Thank you


when you click reply hit on the "upload "icon

select the file from the browse window and voila the picture is added to your reply message <you may see some cryptic text like (upload://ibvHGIY73Kw6OlFrTxjhaYcM46b.png) > but when you hit reply it will post the picture.

let me know if you have question

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