Knowledge Base Idea Generation

Hi All,

I am part of the Enterprise DNA team and we are always looking at ways we can improve our training.

We are currently developing a Knowledge Base see the link below.

What I would really like to know from you is what would you guys like to see in this knowledge base.

There are NO WRONG ANSWERS… so please feel to post your ideas below.

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I also like something that I can read as I follow the videos and take notes on

I’d like a PDF that basically has the flow of the video with maybe the DAX as Sam runs through it. If the text could include some “this is what we are trying to accomplish” notes it would be great.

I know this is a tall order but just my 2 cents


Perhaps a page/entry specifically on Context and the functions that change it. Those seem to be the questions I’ve been seeing, or getting in the real world.

I reviewed a few of the DAX measure entries, and love that the explanations are a little more ‘real world’ than what I find in the typical reference guides (which seem to just copy the MS pages).

Perhaps a similar treatment on M code?

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Thanks for the feedback guys much appreciated.



I would like to add few things which will definitely enhance training experience for trainees as I have used multiple platforms.

  1. Must — exercises to reinforce and practice material which is covered in each module.
  2. Power point slides — which are used during lecture for quick review and reference for future.

I have used and membership and both these platforms provide above mentioned facilities. I hope this answer will help to enhance user experience of your training platform.