Keep calculations are individual level material when unfiltered to show all materials

I have a problem. At the individual material level, the variances calculate correctly to measure the difference in the components consumed by each individual material.

However, when I unfilter to display all materials, the calculation shows the undesired calculations now computed at an aggregated level.

How would I display a summary of all correct individual calculations?

I want to see not $136.01 for 30210 at the total level but $17,856.14.

Dairy test = CALCULATE(sumx(values(mm60[Material]),[component net value]*[YOY Component Diff]))

Going to need a demo model with the scenario that you are working on with something like this.


The CALCULATE function is very odd though. Not sure why you feel you need to wrap it around the SUMX like that. You shouldn’t have to at all.


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