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Hi All,
I’m Enayat from California, I work in purchasing & fleet management. I came across power pivot & power BI a few years back & love developing my own reports.

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hello all, my name is Bhupendra i am from UK i work for a organisation which enables SME organisation with their Microsoft Navision implementation and maintenance. I work in the data analytics department of my company. have learnt a lot from Sam and hopefully will keep learning.

Hi everybody ,

Very excited to join this community around Power Bi. I’m Johann Tchotch and Currently West Africa PMO Lead for Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate business. I used a lot of data daily and vizualisation makes quicker insights to be tapped in for decision making around our Project portfolio and how best we’re aligning to our strategic targets.

Happy foruming

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Hi Everyone,

I am very glad to be a member of Enterprise DNA forum.

I have a total 9 years of experience in data management and analysis in excel, sql and very good on dashbaording in excel. Recently, i got introduced to Power BI and i was amazed with the power of Power BI. I was looking for a course which is succinct, to the point, focusing on real life scenario as well as it is advanced. After a lot of research, i finally found Enterprise DNA !

Thank you very much Sam for your brilliant course.
Long Live Sam and Enterprise DNA.


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Hi Sam and fellow Forum Members, My name is Ro. I live in New Zealand. I have been following Sam’s Free Webinars on youtube as well as from his own site for quite sometime and hve wanted to become a Member. The revent Monthly plan has now allowed me to become a Member and I thank Sam for making that available. I am more a BI student than an expert. I belong to a local (Wellington based) BI meetup but due to family issues have not been able to attend many of the meetups in recent times. I look forward to furthering my knowledge by being on this forum as well as following the various courses on EDNA.

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Hi All

I am based in NYC and currently working in the hospitality industry. My background consists of several years of experience within the bi space . Overall I view Bi specifically Power BI with a lot of passion and love as you all do.

I am impressed with the material here and much like you all will help where I can


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I am Mark Smid and C.O.O. of Americase, LLC a custom container manufacturing company in Waxahachie, Texas
I have been dabbling in Power BI for about 2 years after many years of believing there was no life after Excel. Currently working on changing all our business information ( both production and financial) over to Power BI. Looking forward to learning new things with Enterprise DNA

Hi everyone,

I’m Jawed from the UK and I am the Director of Finance and Operations in a non-profit membership organisation.

I have been using ERP and its reporting tools for a while but have started to use Power BI over the last two years or so by referring to Microsoft’s own basic training and some youtube videos. I am naturally interested in data and data management and now that I have joined this group, I am hoping to improve our reporting systems.

Looking forward to participating in discussions.

Hello All,

Thank you for the wonderful insight so far!! My name is John and currently reside in the USA. Working for an organization that has moving date and price points so Power BI has been a challenge so far. Can’t wait to catch up on some of the forum topics and hope to contribute soon!

Looking forward to the experience!

Hi all,

I’m Brian from Washington, DC. I’m an economist with the federal government, but spend most of my time now managing innovations and improvements associated with our internal business operations.

Recently, I’ve come to realize the incredible potential that Power BI has to transform our financial and operational tracking and reporting (previously done primarily using Excel and R). I’ve been bingeing the Enterprise DNA videos for the past two months, trying to get myself up to speed on power query and DAX.

Thanks to Sam for creating this fantastic training resource and community. I look forward to being a part of it.

  • Brian

Hello All,

I am so glad to be part of this power BI community. I am a data analyst and recently realized how powerful Power BI is and DAX language is. I hope to learn a lot from Enterprise DNA as I have been able to so far. hope to share and help here in this forum. if you have any questions for me, please feel free to reply.

Thank you

Hi, everyone!
My name is Kirill Perian and I am an independent Power BI consultant. I live in Portland, OR area and am looking forward to exchange experiences and ideas here, after all - that’s what forums are for!

Hello all! Troy here from Dubai. Really impressed by the content of the site and looking at developing all of our Power Bi resources in house with Great Plains ERM. Have recently started the journey, however have a solid background in Excel which is assisting.

Hello. My name is Ken Smith and I’m a data analytics director. I’ve been using Power BI for a few months and am in the process of converting over from Tableau. I just signed up for the Enterprise DNA membership and spent the weekend watching some of the course content. Looking forward to learning and being part of this community.