Join the forum and introduce yourself


Hi Sam and all,
I am HH, work as data engineer/analyst for a mnc semicond company, based in Malaysia. Grreat to hv found this course from youtube, follow thru eventually signup to be member. Thanks to Sam, your course is practical and easy to follow, u r terrific! I’ve applied some techniques and impressed my users and senior management few times already. This is definitely a great course and I have introduced this to my peers.



That’s great! All the best.


Hello all, this is Heather, from the great state of Iowa (USA). I have followed Sam’s You Tube channel for a couple of years now, and finally felt that I was ready to commit to something more. I look forward to learning with and from folks on the forum and exploring the course modules. Thank you Sam for the great resources you have gathered here!


Wellcome Heather from the Sunny State :wink:


Hi Power BI fellows,

Greetings from Bulgaria. I am glad to be part of this Power BI community and thank you, Sam, for all the contribution you are making for such Power BI enthusiasts like me :slight_smile:


Welcome into the forum. Glad to have you onboard


Hello Sam, and the rest of the folks at EnterpriseDNA.

I’m not only new here, but new to PowerBi. I work for Paraclete Mission Group, a non-profit organization. Like other non-profits, we can find ourselves behind the curve when it comes to using technology. My goal is to get us up to speed as soon as possible.

I kind of bit off more than I could chew by committing to PowerBi for our budgeting needs for this year. I’m already over my head but decided to join EnterpriseDNA to help move us forward.

I MUST learn PowerBi to get the job done - there is no going back – literally. I will learn as I go, by trial and fire – and with Sam’s help, and the fine members of EnterpriseDNA.

Hope to see you around!



Hello Sam,
I am excited to join the Enterprise DNA community! I just recently joined the University of Louisville, in Louisville, KY (USA) … home of the Kentucky Derby, and we are just beginning to role out Power Bi as a self-service analytics tool. I am very good with Excel but do not have extensive knowledge or history in working with Access, Power Pivots, SQL, etc. Therefore, I have a learning curve to overcome to gain the benefits that Power Bi offers. FORTUNATELY, I found your videos and tutorials!! Your content is amazing!!! The best I have found.

My focus is Higher Education. I look forward to any content you can create around Higher Education analytics. We don’t have “sales” per se and I don’t have “simple” sales tables with cost per product to calculate margin, and so on. However, the principals you teach still apply to enrollment (sales), faculty cost (product cost) - and I am looking forward to the challenge of applying these principals to, hopefully, create some really cool reports.

Thank you for sharing your insight into unlocking the power of Power BI. The content you are providing is exceptionally useful.

Mike Marquette


Welcome Mike, thanks for the note


My name is Adil, working in Dubai for the last 12 years, having experienced on different platforms and tools like SAP BO, Tableau, SSAS (Multidimenisonal and Tabular) and Dimenisonal modeling. Previously working with Unilever in Pakistan, Rotterdam and England (Gatwick).


Hi everyone

I am Krishnan from India and work as an Independent ERP / CRM Consultant. I have some exposure to BI and am excited to be a part of this forum. Looking forward to keep learning and thanks to Sam for creating this platform.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Shing from Hong Kong.

I work in a garment manufacturing company to manage a small development team for an in-house ERP system using RPG language.

Our company also started to have a retail business in HK, China & Japan last year.
We have started using Power BI to build some reports from POS system for the operational users.

I learn all of the knowledge by watching Sam’s video on YouTube.

I’m hoping this forum will be a place to learn, share ideas and techniques, and demystify the world of Power BI.




Hi Everyone,

My name is Philip from the Philippines, I am the Network & Systems Administrator of our Company Beresfords (Financial Planning based in Australia), I am a bit of a jack of all traits since I’m the only IT person in our small company.

I will be posting my question soon, and hope to get a better way how to solve my problem.

Looking forward to interact with you all. :slight_smile:



Hi/Bonjour everyone,

I am originally from France, but I am now working in Copenhagen in the retail industry as a Finance controller. Also I am quite new at Power BI and hopefully I will get better at it :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Hi All,

My name is Eric. I work in accounting and finance. I am trying to build a dynamic, multi-scenario, multi-variable financial model for my organization. The goal is to be able to stress each lever at the same time and see what impact each has on the organization. Modeling software is cost prohibitive. I think Power BI is the solution I have been searching for.

I look forward to learning from everyone in the forum.




Hello All,

I am happy to now have a membership to the site! I first started with PowerBI in July ‘18. Found Enterprise DNA on my first day and have been learning from Sam every since. Sam, you have taken me quite far.

Been having a lot of fun with it, but my strength lies with MSSQL and with that on VLDBs. I stumble around in Excel, so it has been quite a transition for me to using PBI.

When things start going tough for me with DAX or the dang case-sensitive M I revert back to SQL and then pull the data into my model. I want to stop that and really see where a deep understanding of DAX can take me. First go deep with DAX and then M is my plan.

I have picked up a contract for a global company and my first order of business is to daily track budget vs spend. I have 3 different data granularities: Daily Monthly Budget data (basically a daily transaction log of monthly contracts - contracts can stop and start any day of the month), daily publisher cost tables and MTD publisher cost tables. I have physical joins and logical joins. I have a Date table. I pull data in from, my love, MSSQL, postgresql, and next week I dig into scraping data off the web to handle all the different currencies.

At this point in time I believe I have read all the books on the market and I have taken my Dashboard to as far as my experience will allow me. I am now at a point where I must learn more about TREATAS and INTERSECT to handle the different granularities which means I need to nail down CONTEXT.

I am going to watch several more hours of training videos before posting for help. I have been stuck for days now. Cant sleep thinking of new ways to tackle some of my problems. The biggest challenge for me using DAX is handling my monthly budget daily transaction log, and how to ensure I am summing all the contracts over the month.

Really looking forward to learning more from everyone and soon enough being able to help others as well.

Kindest regards,



My name is Linda Choong. I am an analyst in planning and analytics for a gas utility in Illinois. My background is a diverse blend of experience in mathematics, business analytics in the consumer packaged goods industry. In a prior analyst role with a food company I was tasked with creating dashboards to support sales, promotion and category teams, and had been on a journey to learn through trials and available resources like DIAD, books and YouTubes videos until I stumbled upon Enterprise DNA. Although there are many training packages available, especially one that my parent company goes with, and have tested their trial, I went with Sam McKay because I find his course curriculum, instructional clarity and delivery style concise and easy to understand.

I am currently tasked by my department leaders to establish dashboards to provide actionable insights and KPIs. I love the challenges and have lots of questions. Hope to leverage from this forum group to grow further in the Power BI learning journey.


Hello everyone,

I’m James Moore and have been a database software developer since 1983. I decided in 2006 after using SQL Server starting with version 7 as the backend to my software development. I decided to leave full-blown software development and started working as a SQL Server DBA in 2006. I started working as a DW since 2010 and have been hooked on developing Analytics ever since. Then, a few months after Power BI was released in July of 2015, I dove right in. I love Power BI and it has been incredible how Microsoft has been putting out updates to Power BI on a monthly basis making it the one of the top Analytical tools in the world.

I have been following Sam’s incredible work and training for years and decided I wanted to purchase his lifetime membership which is almost unheard of these days. Sam has made so many contributions to the Power BI community and I have learned a lot from him. Now that I am a member, I can dive into so much material and as an added bonus, being a member of this forum. I really want to treat this forum as a two way street where at times I will be asking a question but then also look for opportunities to where I may be able to help someone else with a question. I am excited about being a member of Enterprise DNA and to this forum as well.

I’m sure I will be in contact with some of you from time-to-time and I look forward to developing relationships on this forum as well.

Thank you, Sam for such an incredible membership to all of your training and material including this awesome forum. Looking forward to interacting both ways on this forum.

Happy to be here,




My name is Maria and I am working for the Norwegian Refugee Council as an Analysis and Performance Adviser. I primarily work with the analytics coming from our CRM, fundraising efforts, regular donors and single donations.

I am currently studying a Masters in Data Analytics. So I have used tools such as SAS enterprise miner, r studio and SPSS for descriptive and predictive modelling. I have built some dashboards in Power BI but I feel there is so much more to learn. I have started also learning some tableau.

I look forward to learning more from this forum and enterprise dna.



Hi Enterprise DNA team,

I am Swapnil and i am new to power BI. most of my experience is with SQL and Oracle BI products.
Power BI seems interesting and would like to grow my skill with data analysis and visualisation.