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Hi Paul, welcome.

Check out this thread for ideas on course order etc

You will be able to pass the exam if you can get through all the content and pass the Enterprise DNA Certfication.

The Enterprise DNA Certification is harder and more analytical focus. Check it out if you haven’t already.

For all those they get certified I’m happy to provide recommendations out to prospective employees if needed


Hi everyone, greetings from South Africa.

My name is Warren, I have been involved in the IT space for the last 20 or so years, mainly in the automotive industry. I have my own company where I consult to companies and assist them with system development and BI, my companies name is Featherbooke Consulting Services.
I have been using PowerBi for a couple of years, but am very new to DAX. I came across Sam’s training videos on Youtube and found the free course very helpful on getting me started with DAX. I have now decided to invest further and enroll as a member to take my DAX to the next level. Looking forward to the journey.
Cheers Warren


Hi Everyone,

My name is Greg from Sydney, Australia.
I work in supply chain process improvement for a global resin manufacturing company. Prior to this, I was an S&OP manager for 2 years & commercial business analyst for 4 years

Our company is currently in the middle of transitioning ERP systems from Dynamics AX to SAP and we have started using Power BI to build combined dashboards using data from both systems.

I’m hoping this forum will be a place to learn, share ideas and techniques, and demystify the world of Power BI.

I can’t wait…





I am Joan working as a Data Analyst in the oil & gas industry in Houston, Texas. I really enjoy your course material and am looking forward to learning analytics.


Hi! I’m Judith from California–QI director for a behavioral health company and in the process of introducing Power BI to our leadership. My application need is to be able to provide data to directors and executives on client outcomes, how well we are meeting our contracts, and to support managers in running their programs. I’m relatively new to BI (one year working with it) and have a lot to learn still.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Hani from Sydney, Australia.

I’m a CPA Qualified Accountant working for a global Healthcare company in a Financial Systems / BI and Analytical capacity. Aside from Excel which has been my go to ‘tool of trade’, recent focus has seen me working extensively with SQL Server and the Microsoft BI Stack, as well as Cognos TM1. That is, up until now!

I’ve been dabbling with Power BI for about a year having overlayed it on Analysis Services Cubes but am very new to DAX. Having stumbled across Enterprise DNA whilst watching YouTube videos, I very quickly found the examples and explanations in Sam’s videos resonated with me, so I decided to become a member.

My aim in taking out a membership in Enterprise DNA is to advance my existing Power BI knowledge to super user level and add a complimentary bow to my existing arsenal of skills.

Like others, I’m hoping this forum will be a place where we can collaborate and advance our respective knowledge of Power BI together.


Hi All,

I am Thanura from UK working for a multinational business intelligence company called Globaldata. This is my 5th year in the company working as a senior database developer and responsible of databases, data warehouse and the cube structure. I have wealth of experience in Microsoft business intelligence stack and the SQL server but fairly new to the PowerBI. Found EnterpriseDNA when researching the internet for the training materials of PowerBI and instantly became a member after fascinated with Sam’s training techniques and professionalism. Looking to work hard on the subject with the hope of launching my own venture.

Kind regards,



Nice one. Welcome


Hi. My name is Ric. I’m a Chartered Accountant from Australia working in Treasury management. l’m a relative newcomer to Power BI but have upskilled fast and love the endless possibilities it can bring. I am currently working to move all our reconciliations from spreadsheets into Power BI. I’ve already automated daily QA checks saving heaps of time waiting around on excel spreadsheets to refresh plus visually looks better for auditors.
I love the concepts Sam has put forward particularly around Financial Statements I just need the time to learn and implement. :blush:

Thanks for such a great resource Sam!


Hi All!

My name is Dawn and I have been working with and learning Power BI in my spare time for the past few months. I work for a large Re Insurance company that recently went through a large outsourcing project such that my current job was being eliminated. I saw a need for a Power BI Administrator for the America’s to work with our German colleagues and have studied and worked for that position, which I will be assuming later in this year. In order to prepare, I purchased the membership myself and have been working my way through the videos.

I have three kids, four cats and a very handy husband who has been remodeling our home.

Thanks for such a great resource!


Great intro! Welcome


Hello Sam, Enterprise DNA members,
I am Wang from Toronto Canada and working as business analyst for an IT consulting company delivering Dynamics 365 and portal solutions.
I am working on projects requiring comparable reports using Power BI and customization. I have used Tableau before but quite new to Power BI. I have learned a lot from Sam’s YouTube channel in the past one month and I would like to invest more time on Power BI, share and get support to my questions and have fun. Thank you.


That’s great, welcome.


Hi All

Richard from Perth, Australia. Im a Finance reporting manager at a multinational maintenance services provider.

Have picked up power BI along the way having changed roles to a more reporting focused one from management and Ive nearly had all our management reporting replicated in BI now which has been immensely useful

Im excited with the possibilities and accessibility that power BI brings to the table in terms of analytics and reporting



Hi Team,

My name is Andrew and I’m the finance manager at a company called Maginus Software Solutions based in Manchester, England.

Having worked in finance teams for the past 25 years, Power BI is that one thing you knew needed inventing, but you weren’t quite sure would ever exist. Now its here I’m finally kicking my Excel habit.

I’ve been using Power BI for a couple of years now, primarily self taught to an intermediate level (or so I thought until joining Enterprise DNA!!).

It’s been useful going back to the beginning with the training videos and I’ve already picked up some great best practice hints and tips that you tend not to pick up when you’re self taught.

I’m looking forward to diving into more of the training videos, and having a poke around the forums.

Kind regards


Hello everyone,

My name is Lucia and I am originally from Spain although I have been living in Miami, FL (USA) for the last 20 years. I have a financial background mainly in the logistic field. I am pretty new to the BI world, so I feel bleshed and very excited for having found Enterprise DNA and Sam. I must to confess that I love what I have learned so far from his videos and I am looking forward to keep learning every day!

Cheers and my best wishes for all of you !


Welcome! That’s great.


Hi! My name is Angela and I reside in Indiana in the US. I work as an IT support for a global pharmaceutical manufacturing company. My experience over the last 10 years has encompassed Microsoft products and help Business and IT work cross functionally. As a BSA, I enjoy working with data and find using PowerBI a powerful way to organize and visualize data. Although, only acquainted within the last year, I have been able to join data reports and reduce the time to create a meaningful report. I look forward to diving deeper into the Measures and DAX capabilities.


Hi, my name is Lars and I live in Sweden. Working on iStone Sweden AB as Power BI developer for about half a year back. Power BI is quite new to me but I’m learning new every day. Has previously worked with market research for many years but now has changed career. Have learned a lot of Power BI through the Enterprise DNA membership but feel that I have a lot left before I master it.


That’s great. Welcome