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Welcome Hidayat


Hey everyone,

My name is Ken. I work at an Appraisal Management Company and I am the Vendor Manager. But my work allows me to do that plus have a go at making sense of our data. So I ended up here.


Hi Sam and Everyone

I am Kuldeep from India - an HR person with 20+ years of experience. Work in a European IT Giant. Having doing analytics work using R; excel and started using Power Bi as heavy business need for dashboards is there. Went to through some of the You Tune sessions by Sam and liked his style of explaining and then decided to take Enterprise DNA membership. Look forward to learn more from this Forum.



Hi everyone,

I am Henk Hoogewerff working from The Netherlands in my own little company Andjing Consult. I mainly work for companies that are in Marketing or into Campaigning.

I’ve been a member with Enterprise DNA from the beginning. What fascinated me is that Sam is able to bring complex issues back to simple chunks that I can understand.
I have been working with Power BI since January 2015 and Sam helped me with is his course to become a expert user of DAX.

Regards Henk


Hi Everyone,

I’m Tom from Long Island, NY. Work in finance/accounting in the P&C Insurance industry. I come from an excel background, with my 1st introduction to Microsoft BI starting with the PowerPivot add-in to excel a few years back. Continue to be amazed by the power of DAX and the insight that can be uncovered with a well built data model. Look forward to building to that knowledge with the help of Sam’s teachings. There is so much to learn, thank you Sam for your vision and this first class forum.


Good afternoon everyone,

my name is joe Robert, currenting residing in Houston tx and working for a major oil/gas as a drilling engineer. I just moved into a new role where I am tasked with performing data analytics for my global function. I have been playing with power bi for 6 months now and can say I’m hooked. I feel very competent with DAX however one thing I would like to expand my knowledge on is with modeling/transformations and using M. I have benefited a great deal from Enterprise DNA and hope to continue to learn new things and new showcases.


Hello Sam and Forum Colleagues:
My name is Adi K. Asavaid and I currently live in Miami, Florida, USA.
I have started creating applicatons using Power BI for my customers in my BI consulting firm. I have over 35 years experience in all aspects of BI technical and business areas. Have used quite a few BI software/platforms before.
Power BI is an overall great product and see there is constant improvements on monthly basis.
Glad to join this forum and listen to the great videos from Sam and also the exchanges on the blogs.
Hoping to learn DAX in depth and make it more productive for the applications.


Hello Enterprise DNA Forum,

My name is Roby and I live and work in NYC metro area. I am new to PowerBI and business intelligence type work. It is an area l like to work and build my skills further. Discovered this site via a link posted by someone at work within our company’s PowerBI community. I reviewed few of your youtube offerings and saw that content was presented well had high production quality . So I decided to invest in it by subscribing to the Enterprise DNA membership.

I am looking forward to learning a great deal by reading these postings and I hope to contribute to the forum in any way I can.


Welcome Roby.


Hi My name is Malal. I work for an innovative IT company as a Financial and Data analyst, I am very interested about data analytics and am very interested about building dynamic Dashboards using Power Bi, thanks to Sam Mckay. Thank you all


Hi Sam & All,

I am Zolly from Romania (Europe). I am chartered public accountant, financial auditor and tax consultant. I have one more exam to take and I will finish my ACCA – UK.
I own a small size practice (5 employees) and for 20 years we provide high quality professional services (audit, tax, accounting, forensic etc.) to local and foreign subsidiaries companies.
We have noticed that medium companies cannot grow without the support of experienced professionals, they do not need and cannot afford to pay one at full time.
To meet this need, my plan was to develop “Externa CFO & Controlling” service.
Of course, I use excel every day and almost every hour. Just 6 months ago I discovered Power BI, I have said, this si my “competitive advantage”.
So my plan is to develop the CFO services integrated with Business Intelligence.
Sam conquered me with P & L and Budgeting videos, I’m sure I’ll learn some amazing stuff.

All the best


Hi Everyone:

I am Dave from the Washington DC/Baltimore metro area. CPA/MBA working in an FP&A function supporting the Oracle Hyperion platform of products Planning and HFM for the past 10 years and providing senior management with tools and reports that provide clarity and insight - mostly in Excel. Due to a recent acquisition my position was eliminated and I am currently in the process of looking for work. I am just blown away by the speed, agility and visualizations in Power BI and am looking forward to being an active member of this Forum to become more skilled in the use of Power BI - I firmly believe Power BI is the future!

I found this site through youtube - searching about Power BI - Sam has done a wonderful job explaining concepts and techniques that are easy to understand .




Welcome Dave.


Hi All,

I’m Michael from the Netherlands, I’m a Senior BI consultant and worked with several BI tools like Microstrategy, Cognos and the last 12 year with Microsoft. For 2,5 years now i’m working with Power BI and still learning.

I’ve joined this community to speed up the learning curve because i think that EnterpriseDNA is so much more than only training material.
Besides this membership i also bought the books from Alberto and Marco.

Thanks Sam for making this possible.


I 'm Vytenis from Lithuania. We have multiyear experience with open source CRM. We hope to fulfill a gap of data analysis with PowerBI.
I have little bit work with of PowerPivot before starting with Power BI.
It was really amazing to find this portal. Thanks, Sam!


Hi Everyone,

I am just starting with Power BI but excited about what it offers. I am nearing retirement age ( in the US) but this has me excited to stay working till I am 70 or more !!

I never did much with Power Pivot etc or programming in Excel but have done programming early in my career with Fortran, COBOL, RPG. And yes, I started out with punch cards. (Masters in Info Sys).

As a CPA, I’ve been in Accounting all my career (currently Director of Finance) and done plenty of graphs and KPIs. But, this can do so much more with the proper setup and info.

For me, that will be the hard part as we are using SAP at Corporate and only way to get into database is to download to Excel and move over to OneDrive.

Anyway, looking forward to the process of learning everything that Power BI can do !

And, Sam you have a great website and thanks for all your contributions to our learning experience.




That’s great, welcome


Hello All:

My name is Jay & I am BI Lead,i become a member few hours back and i am excited to learn more about Power BI.



Hi everyone i’m from Manchester United Kingdom and i have worked for the Post Office for 29 years. Last year i heard about Power BI and started to learn more about the package and since then i have implemented a Fleet dashboard across the business.

I monitor large datasets on Telemetry and speeding and now want to take this to the next level by understanding measures. At the same time i am also embarking on a Data Analyst level 4 Apprenticeship.

Mark Drury



My name is Paul, I am in Sydney Australia, I have been a member of DNA for about 2 months, but only now starting to use it. I am currently getting an intro to DAX through a book by Matt Allington, and will be re-doing the EDX Power BI course to try to pass the MS Power BI Exam, I will be doing all the modules here, I just do not know where to start. I have traditionally been a SQL DBA, currently working with Azure cloud Services for a large (very large) company in Aus. I fancy a career change and enjoy using Power BI, but I do not currently do it for a living. I have have feeling that it is going to be difficult for me to break into it. I am also learning Python, and I will try to earn the DNA Cert as well.

Has anyone used this site to pass the Microsoft Power BI exam? I do not think I’ll get any job opportunities without it.