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Hi Sam!

Rose here, from Long Island, New York. Love all your knowledge, videos, courses, tips and tricks! I’ve learned so so much since signing on.



That’s great Rose. Glad to hear that.


Hey guys !
Shrik here from United Kingdom!
Have just joined the Enterprise DNA Memebership are really getting into the video!
So i’ve been searching for a fair amount of time for some really good and detailed training content on Power BI! and so far have been happy with this content! I did extesnsive research to make sure I was going to purchase something worthwile.

So I am working within Investment Banking - they use Power BI, so I am trying to get my head around DAX itself.
Just wondering guys / sam , if I have a specifc question how can i upload into this forum?



Welcome Shrik. All details on loading questions to the forum can be found here - How to ask support questions on the forum

You’ll also see when on the home page, bottom right, there’s a plus sign. That’s where you start.



Hi, all! I’m Nic and I’m based in the US (Seattle, Washington). I work as a content strategist for a team that builds training for employees.

I’m a newbie with the Power BI tools and work mostly with Power Pivot at the moment. I found Sam’s amazing videos last week when I was searching the internets for help with DAX. Just finished the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to DAX and am excited to take more courses.

Thank you for creating this absolutely brilliant resource, Sam!


That’s great, welcome


Hello All,
I am Nick from Cleveland, Ohio. I currently work in private equity real estate and have used excel for everything. It does the job, and the job well, but trying to venture out of the “Spend 90% of the day just updating reports” realm.

I’m not 100% how I found this site to be honest, but I am glad I did. Just picked up a subscription and excited to dive into that as I really think Power BI /Dax/ PowerPivot/etc is the next avenue I need and want to go down. Always looking to keep learning…

Anyhow, thanks for having me and look forward to what comes next.



Great stuff. Chrs


Hi Sam,
Great initiative. I’m working as IT business analyst for last 10 years, currently based in Geneva.
I recently started to invest time in Power Bi.
Always looking for new sources of training on this topic and quickly DAN Enterprise became my favorite one.


Hi, I am Frank working for a global Automotive Supplier in the internal Quality Department and I am pretty new to PowerBI. As I was looking for a more professional approach as to creativing our reports in Excel, I came across Sam‘s site, which really inspired me to dig into this amazing tool. With the support of Sam and the members of the forum, I am looking forward to really convincing my Bosses about the hidden potential residing in our Data silos, or should I say Data graves.


Brilliant, I have no doubt you can and will. Chrs


Hi everyone i’m Mark from Stockport in the United Kingdom, having a background in Excel and then a few months ago seeing Power Bi . I realised this is a complete game changer. I have generally got my head around visuals but not a clue on Dax or measures so I am hoping to understand them in greater depth.


Hi All,

I’m Dave from Melbourne Australia, I currently work in telematics and am using Power BI to bring insights to customers in councils with lots of different plant and equipment (Where people are grading and not as an example). I’m also starting to build insights benchmarking councils against one another which they really enjoy.

I also have a personal side project I’ve been working on for a number of years and that’s been building an App to help find missing children. I do you outreach as a volunteer and noticed I came across a lot of missing children in my travels so am looking at using Power Bi to hopefully help predict where you could find missing persons. With the help of my draft App built with Powerapps I’ve found or had reported sightings of 6 missing persons so far with the latest being a 12 year old boy that had been missing for 2 weeks.




Awesome story. Thanks for sharing. Welcome


Hi everyone
My name is Gareth and I work for Manteena, which is a construction / project management company based in Canberra.

I’m currently working on a project to consolidate our data sources and removing duplication of data. I am then using Power BI to provide a reporting platform to remove the need for manual manipulation of the data


Hello all. My name is Wesley Fletcher and I’m from Tennessee. I’m the manager of business analytics for a company near Knoxville. My background is in accounting and finance, specifically planning and analysis. I’m fairly new to Power BI and Enterprise DNA is a lifesaver for me.

I look forward to sharing ideas with each of you.


Hi everyone,

I’m Pete, originally from England but now living in Galway, Ireland for near on 20 years.

I work as a Business Operations Team Lead for BrightWork, a Project Management software provider. Started using Power BI a couple of years ago for reporting customer retention but only at a very basic level.

Been working on a project since January to build out our team dashboards, pulling data from Dynamics CRM. A small but fairly complex dataset to work with but thanks to Sam (who I was referred to by a colleague) I have been able to create some really cool reports. Our CFO (my boss), has fallen in love with Power BI and the dashboards have been very well received by the team.

The project is ongoing, with continuous tweaks being made to improve things, based on some of Sam’s content. The cumulative YTD vs last year being one of my favorite visualizations so far!

Got a few roadblocks to figure out so will be asking questions in the forum.




Nice one, welcome


Hi All,

I’m Ben, i’m in Melbourne Australia. I’ve been in BI Development for 17 years, mostly in ETL and backend SQL Server, Analysis Services & SSRS, a recent job change has me constructing a new data warehouse and a Power BI front end. Everything Power BI!

I’m ok with MDX, but learning DAX is new so will present a few challenges along the way.



Hi all,

My name is Hidayat from Singapore. I’m currently working in an shoe company as a supply chain analyst. One of the task in my role is to crunch data and transform it into useful information. My skills rank is fairly basic with T-SQL and DAX in powerpivot. Happen to stumble upon Sam’s Youtube channel and got hooked on the some of the clips.

Hope I can get to learn and share too with everyone.