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Hello Sam, and All

I’mBrad from Canada. I have been in the Analytics and Data Warehouse space for about 20 years and have been a serious advocate of Power BI from it’s inception. I am excited to become a member of this forum, having review as many of Sam’s vidoes as I could and have enefited significantly from his tutelage.


Great, thanks Brad


Not and Introduction but I want to pass on some great news.

Due to my learnings from Sam @ EnterpriseDNA I have managed to change the Domain that I have worked in for 30 Years and land my DREAM job as a Supply Chain Analyst for a Multi National. As part of the job appointment process was a reporting task from a brief prepared by the company. I provided an end to end solution and the interviewers were more than impressed at the Data Pack I turned up with. I used many many techniques from the Courses from Modelling to Dashboarding and everything in between.

I can’t thank you enough Sam your content is amazing (nothing like it out there).

Shame I start my new job on Summit day next week but looking forward to downloading and watching later.

Cheers Sam


Wow, seriously awesome to hear Chris. Congrats. All the best as you start off there.


Hello Sam and Forum Support Group!

My name is Casey and I am a business intelligence analyst from Boise, ID (US). I work for Norco Inc, the largest privately held producer and distributor of industrial gases, welding, safety, and home care medical supplies in the US. I began in July, 2017 as the sole BI analyst and found that the business needed a single solution for connecting multiple data sources that provided a reliable platform to access reports. I read about Power BI, downloaded the desktop version and began playing around. After a month I was able to create a few reports, build a dashboard and presented a mockup to the business. One of the reports caught the attention of the executive team and pushed our deployment of the reports and dashboard to 50+ branch managers across our organization.

My first reports were easy to work with in Power BI as I created views in SQL and used basic DAX to aggregate data. As the reports got more complicated I quickly found out that I needed a resource to learn DAX and was stoked to see all of the free resources that Sam has published. I started with the beginners guide to Power BI, signed up for notifications and try to watch each video as it is released. I found the most recent webinar and summit very helpful and had to support @sam.mckay and the Enterprise DNA mission by becoming a member.

This tool has created a major shift inside of our organization and is changing the way we conduct business. We are excited for the opportunities that we have already uncovered an understand that we haven’t even begun to tap into the potential of this tool. Thank you Sam for creating this platform and for your great resources! I’m excited about this forum and can’t wait to learn and help out where I can.




Thanks for sharing Casey, that’s great.


Hey gang,
I am Nagasatya Devarakonda working as a BI Architect from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) for Liquor Stores of North America, the largest liquor retailer in North America with stores in Alberta, BC, Alaska and CT. With over 13 years of experience in IT and multiple ERP platforms (SAP, Oracle, D365), I am still learning so much in the new and emerging world of the BI and Analytics space. I am familiar with BusinessObjects, Lumira, Tableau and now Power BI. I am currently working with our executive team on setting up a BI COE with the goal of self service analytics in the organization and use IT as just providers of data rather than report creators.

In addition to the Data Insights summit last year, Sam, your tutorials on YouTube and the workshops have helped me sell the idea of PowerBI and self serve analytics to our execs. I am determined to make this implementation a great success and really kick start the data driven culture in the org.

As others have mentioned, really excited to be part of the forum and keep on learning new things regarding the analytics journey.



Hi Everyone,

I’m Daniel and I work in Transport. I was wondering if anyone had a good link for custom visualisations as the one on the course doesn’t seem to work for me why I type it into Google.



Hi Dan, which visual are you mentioning? Can you place this into a new forum post as well. Thanks


Hi all,

My name’s Sam and i work for the London Fire Brigade as a business intelligence analyst, I’ve been in my current post for just over a year using SQL & Power Bi. Before that I worked as a Performance Manager & Contract Performance Manager for 6 years. Have had a intense 1st year and feel like I learned a lot of great simple concepts from Sam’s content which has allowed me to build a couple beastly power reports, as you can imagine fire department databases data can be chopped 101 ways. Can’t wait to start contributing & bumping heads with you all :slight_smile:


If possible can we take this off the forum post. Appreciate it. Chrs


Hi Sam & All,

I’m Brendon from Sydney (although I’m a Kiwi too). I’m currently a Financial Controller in Health Services, about to embark on my most sophisticated BI project yet. I’m an Accountant, not an IT person, but stumbled across Power BI while I was trying to teach myself SQL, and it just blew my mind.

Basically all of my major reporting & process achievements over the past 10 years, I could have done in 10 weeks if Power BI was around. I bought Alberto Ferrari’s book which gave me an excellent leg up, but just love your work Sam, as I need to plan & execute at the same time, and absorbing the content through your videos is just excellent.

Looking forward to pushing Power BI to breaking point with my fellow EDNA members.



Great to hear. Chrs Brendon.


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Hi everyone,
My name’s Vinicius and I’m from Brazil.
Nowadays I’m working with Data Science and I use Power BI to generate my data visualizations.
Good to be here!



Hello everyone,

I am Peter from Austria, working in the Education sector. I always have to do a lot with data from different sources and I use Excel to transform, visualize and analyze my data. 3 months ago I had my first encounter with Power BI and 3 days later I knew that this would simplify my work.
By using Sam’s courses with his clear explanations I learned very quickly to build structured models. Thanks a lot Sam.



Welcome to the forum!


Hi All

I’m Michael from Yorkshire UK, working as a business intelligence developer in the financial services sector. I’ve been working in this field for over 10 years and I’m very excited by the potential of Power BI. Sam’s courses are the best I’ve found on the subject.


Hi everyone,

Good day, good health, cheers and success.
Grateful to be part of this forum and, most of all, Enterprise DNA. I am Cal from the USA and I have been a financial analyst in the oil and gas sector for a number of years.

I stumbled upon PowerPivot a few years ago and got really fascinated but its power of data crunching. Along the way I got a bit overwhelmed by how much DAX I had to learn for PowerPivot. Needless to say I slowed down on PowerPivot but kept it at the back of my mind. Mid / late 2017 I decided to check on PowerPivot again and this time I stumbled upon Power BI. I am still awed by its versatility and potent as the must have BI for data analytics.

In the process of getting up to speed on Power BI I again stumbled upon Enterprise DNA. I did quite some extensive research on where to find great and affordable Power BI training…Sam, this is not to make you feel good though no harm if you do, Enterprise DNA is way ahead of the pack. Currently I have not found any Power BI training that comes even close for depth and clarity of tutorials, demo downloads AND affordability. Cheers for the vision and even in the days when you might feel bone-tired hang on knowing you are blazing a trail many will follow.

To all in the forum, current and future, cheers once again and wish you great success in every endeavor.


Awesome stuff. Appreciate it.