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Hi everyone,

I know we’re just kicking off the support forum, but once you’re signed up and logged in certainly introduce yourself.

Let me know where you’re from, what your job role is, company name etc. Be as descriptive as you like. It will be great to get to know you better.

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Hi Sam and All

I’m Chris from the UK and I am the Founder of a Startup called Ezdata ( ) and work mainly in the Education Sector but with Sam’s help have become accustomed to other Domains which has provided me with other opportunities.

I have used BI tools for a number of years, mainly Tableau and the full Microsoft BI Stack but now is a great time to around the emergence of what is coming on stream in the BI world.

I have many books and have taken other online courses from the high fliers in this space but EnterpriseDNA is a fantastic product and concept as it is all encompassing. It provides so much more than simply learning DAX and M but gives the context that I haven’t really seem before.

Cheers Chris hope to hear from you soon


Happy new year everyone,

I am Randy, from the U.S. I’ve worked in the IT space for the past 20 years and stumbled on Sams training’s while perusing Reddit for Power BI knowledge. I currently work at a large MSP managing a team of specialists and engineers dedicated to applications, automations and analytics. Looking forward to the new Enterprise DNA!

@sam.mckay, sent an email, but had some confusion on the forum login. I already have a paid membership, but my login does not carry over. Created a new account for the forum, but wondering how I link this to my Enterprise DNA Membership?

Hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start


Welcome Chris and Randy. Sorry for the slight confusion around signing up. I’m just getting use to this new platform myself.

I’ve create another topic that runs through signing up to the forum.

If any questions just let me know here.


Great idea Sam! It gives me another place to ask my silly questions! :crazy_face:


That’s great. Hopefully we can cover as many questions as possible here for all members. Chrs


Hi All Ent. DNA Forum members

I’m John from western Australia working for a large global mining organisation. I am newish to business Intelligence which has been a very interesting journey thus far. Finding intuitive quality training was a great challenge until I stumbled across Enterprise DNA. I’ve learnt so much in a short period of time, it’s been a fantastic learning opportunity. I’m looking forward to continuing the passage of BI education with Sam & ENT.DNA

Rgs John


Hello everyone,

My name is Paul and I’m senior financial analyst in Phoenix, Arizona. I currently work on an FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) team for a digital marketing firm.

I’ve worked in corporate finance for roughly ten years now. A few years ago I was fortunate to work on a finance team that introduced me to Power Pivot and Power Query, and ultimately Power BI (or as many in the Microsoft community refer to the triad as “P3”) which was completely career changing for me as a corporate financial analyst. The turning point for me was unlocking the raw power of DAX in data analysis. Also, the thousands of hours of hours I’ve saved myself and my colleagues with these tools has been unbelievable. One of the highlights of my career has been blowing the minds of my co-workers in showing them how incredibly easy these tools are to use. In my opinion, these tools will continue to revolutionize self service BI and become ‘the new excel’ to those with minimal exposure to BI. I’m ready to ride the wave and look forward to riding it with all of you!



Hi All,

My name is Parau from Wellington New Zealand. I’m developing analytics solutions for the Education sector initially, and then branching out into the social and economic sectors. My aim is to provide schools, social service providers and policy makers with insights to improve the social and economic outcomes of New Zealander’s by combining multiple datasets to provide a comprehensive socio economic analysis of communities and advise interventions and policies that would enable this.

I don’t have a technical or BI background but by using Sam’s courses I’ve managed to build prototype that I’m planning to pilot and roll-out to the education sector this year.



Great, welcome. Glad you’re getting a lot out of the courses & resources.


Hi All,

My name is Paul from the Rotterdam Area in the Netherlands and I am working as a logistics consultant on supply chain projects, applying Power BI and GIS applications.
It is a pleasure to be part of this forum and I look forward to the exchange of valuable insights. Massive learning experience after following the main course now renamed to Enterprise DNA Membership.



Hi Parau

I am developing and looking at the same Domain solutions as you are. I have 25 Years experience in Education so if you want to pool ideas drop me a line.



Hi all

My name is Karen from Johannesburg, South Africa. I am working in Finance for a group of companies which are involved in television production and facilities, to offering cloud solutions & connectivity to the media industry and beyond.

I have been tasked to create live dashboards and reports for these companies, to enable insightful management decision making.

I have enjoyed Sam’s courses which are well structured and concepts are clearly explained. Look forward to learning more as I continue through his courses, and interact with other members.



Hi everyone - I’m new to the forum


Hi everyone

I’m Nikki
fairly new to PowerBI but ramping up fast (I think).l . I’m with Britehouse in South Africa


My name is Helal Mobasher and I am the Director of Data Analytics at Valley Behavioral Health in Salt Lake City Utah. I am an avid watcher of Sam’s Power BI videos. They are just fantastic and very practical. I am currently heading a big project to migrate Valley’s Analytics to Azure cloud and converting our production reports, dashboards, KPIs from Tableau to Power BI on Azure. Looking forward to be part of this great blog/support group.




Checking in your Washington State in the US. Looking forward to the material and excited about adding to my experience. I am working as a BA for a large tech company in the area and my goal is to become a SME as it relates to Power BI.

Looking forward to the back and forth on the forum. Appreciate the support.



That’s great, welcome all.


Hello from Tampa, Florida. I’m diving head first into Power BI and found your tutorials on YouTube. The natural progression was to get the membership approved by the CIO, so here I am! :slight_smile:

Not much of a financial background on my end, but in IT for over 17 years. Jack of all trades, master of none. Looking forward to learning a lot more here.

Thanks Sam for creating such a great resource.


That’s great Paul. Welcome.