Iterators and Context Transition

Hi All,

I am just practicing my skills on iterators and context.
My head is really fried up with trying to understand where I am going wrong.

I am trying to basically see all the “Sales for Countries above 150000”, but this metric by other fields. I am doing with SUMX,Filter, Summarise patterns.
I was doing this pattern first with SUMX,Filter,Values and it works fine.

Just out interest when working with iterators what is the best patterns to use?

If you can please advise, Sheet name is “Help”.

03.Pactice.pbix (654.5 KB)


Took a look at your file and have few questions in what you are trying to see. Are you looking for a list of your Countries and the total of the individual sales that are > 150000. Or are you just looking for a table (virtual) that is all the countries in which the Total Sales > 150000?




So the first one i think…
Yeah so say I have a table showing a list of countries where sales are >=150,000.
I am then adding in more context to see, "who were those customers we sold to that were over 150,000.

Having said this Nick I think I have solved this issue…
I think what I was doing was adding in too many column names just after the SUMMARIZE.
I think if i want to see the aggregation/context by more columns I need to add in the CALCULATE

What do you think?

Thank you for takng your time to checking anyways! :slight_smile:


Looks good to me :slight_smile:



Thanks Nick!
My fav type of analysis is Iterators by far!!
Serioulsy so powerful, and u can get really specific aswell!