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Issues Dealing with Time Intelligence

I need help.
I don’t know what I am doing wrong. My model looks nice and simple but my measures which should be simple enough is not right.
I have computed simple measures like:

Avg Added to WL Per Week = 

VALUES( ‘Date’[Week & Year] ),
[Total Manufactured]

Addition to Manufactured Line Per Week = 

VALUES( ‘Date’[Week & Year] ),
[Total Manufactured]

to return the average per week but result not accurate and likewise some others

I have to date columns in the Product Details table and therefore using USERELATIONSHIP to get values for manufactured date data,

Total Manufactured = CALCULATE( COUNTROWS( 'Products Details'), 

USERELATIONSHIP(‘Date’[Date], ‘Products Details’[Manufactured_Date] ))

Is my model wrong? What is wrong with my queries?
I appreciate your replies.

Product_Demo.pbix (233.1 KB)

have you checked out all the date time intelligence in the education portal?

there are video that would take you through it all.


Thanks Keith,
I did. That is were I got these from


VALUES( ‘Date’[Week & Year] ),
[Total Manufactured]

It is weird to me that I am not getting the desired results
Thank you

Can you provide few expected results.
It will help me to look exactly where is the problem.


@upwardD ,

I agree with @Anurag that seeing the mockup of the desired results will be very helpful in crafting a solution.

Your data model looks completely solid. The problem is in your measures – what you’ve actually done is rewritten the same measure three different ways, since the VALUES function will respect the filter context in the visual, while ALL will not. To demonstrate this, in your measures try replacing VALUES with ALL – they will generate the same virtual table, but behave very differently with regard to the filter context in the visual, and thus will return very different results.

If this is not clear to you, I would suggest watching the recording of Power BI Accelerator Week #3, where @sam.mckay and I go through these filter context concepts in detail.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

Thank you @Anurag and @BrianJ.
Appreciate the replies.

The expected result will be obvious to me when the data returned per month, per year are different.

I have tried replacing VALUES with the ALL function but the results are still weird.

I anticipate your replies, please.
Thank you

@upwardD ,

Just so we’re not playing a back and forth guessing game, can you please mock up the results you are expecting in each column in Excel? Then we can be sure that the solution @Anurag or I provide will meet your requirements.


  • Brian

Okay. Will try and do so.
thank you so very much

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