Issue with IF function not returning proper values


We are working with a calculated column that is to return the Course Title value from Table 1 when the key values in a column matches to a value in Table 2. When the Course Title is a blank value, we want it to return “No Description”.

We have the following DAX expression, but it is not properly working. It’s giving the “No Description” value and providing “Blanks” where there should be the Course Title values. See below.

DB Equivalency Course Title = IF(‘Equivalencies’[DB Equivalency] = “Match”,(LOOKUPVALUE(‘DB Courses Summer 2020’[Course Title],‘DB Courses Summer 2020’[Subject-Catalog],‘Equivalencies’[Residential Subj-Cat Key])), “No Description”)

Please assist.

without seeing the data pretty much impossible to troubleshoot. But this type of thing should be done in Power Query if possible (in my view at least)


A sample .pbix will allow for a more correct answer to your question but try this format and see if it helps in some way:

Training Compliance =
VAR lookup =
        'DB Courses Summer 2020'[Course Title],
        'DB Courses Summer 2020'[Subject-Catalog], 'Equivalencies'[Residential Subj-Cat Key]
VAR dbEquivalency = SELECTEDVALUE ( Equivalencies[DB Equivalency] )

    IF ( dbEquivalency = "Match", lookup, "No Description" )
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