Issue: Filter takes a couple clicks to populate

I submitted this to microsoft and no one responded with any ideas so I thought I would ask on here: Has anyone had issues with filters showing no selection values the first time (maybe even twice) on clicking them until they show up. It’s strange, my data model isn’t complex relationship to the filters so I wouldn’t expect a load issue. I also use import not direct query. Here’s what it looks like when I first click on it and sometimes it takes 2 or 3 times before it works. I don’t see any cog indicating it’s working on pulling the data in either.

The data model is very simple:


Is it possible to test on a few machines?
Then I’d try testing after uploading it to PBI Service.
Possible to re-build the file in a new PBIX? Maybe something happened in the one you are using?

If you are able to, upload it here and I’m sure me and few others could test it to. Least we can narrow it down if its something specific to your machine as a start.


This does seem very odd. The only thing I can think of that it could be is that there are too many options and the Power BI rendering engine is getting overloaded.

But it does seem by your explanation that it is a pretty simple model and the data tables aren’t too complex.

So it’s rather confusing. Personally I’ve never really seen anything like this issue before.


I started a new template and recreated as someone else suggested. It worked in a new template. Very strange that it couldn’t even if I deleted and recreated in the same report.

Seems like one of those random errors that their is no rhyme or reason. Happens in all programs. Glad it is working though.