Is an “All” or multiple Parameter possible

Dear Team
I am designing a data model that will support analysis of Disaster assessments (survey). After each disaster we will conduct an assessment (sometimes in multiple countries eg COVID-19) and all assessments are added to the data model and must be modelled by country and by date. Ideally I would like to set this up using parameters across the entire model.

The data model is growing each year in three dimensions (a) by countries (sometimes repeated in the same country but different years and possibly different disaster types), (b) in time and © disaster types though many countries the same disasters can occur over longer time periods.

I need to use parameters with respect to time (years), disaster types and countries. We might for example want to look at the data model in the following scenarios:
(a) multiple countries in a region in one year ( or multiple countries over multiple years)
(b) Same country over multiple years (date)
© different categories of disasters eg civil war or floods or drought so in this case spanning multiple countries over longer or different time periods

Note:the model will have dimension (lookup) tables for date, country and disaster type

Therefore I need to create country, disaster and date parameters where I can select to view all the tables/calculations/visuals through the lens of the country or countries selected by the country parameter and through different time periods as set by the date parameter and in some cases even by disaster type parameter.

If I create a country or disaster type parameter table can I have an “All” parameter and can I select multiple options so look at multiple countries over time or multiple disaster types over time?

I think the date table that Sam created will handle the time dimension but I am not sure how to set up the parameter tables to select all or multiple options.

Thanks for your support


Yes - this is very straightforward to do through the slicer selection options::


When you create your slicer, go to the Selection Controls section:

scroll down, and turn on the Select All option:


You can then synch your slicers across multiple/all report pages:

You can then use the techniques @sam.mckay discusses below to control the interactions between your date, country, and disaster slicers and your tables/matrixes and other visuals.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

Dear Brian

Thank you for all your recommendations and the video links. I will review the material and then insert into the model and see how it all works

Appreciate the support