Invert Y Axis Sorting (from 10 to 0)

Dear Enterprise DNA forum,

I would like to ask your help to find a solution to this little problem. I am working with a very basic dataset about the top 10 tennis players ranking over a number of years. Just 3 columns: Year, Player, Ranking (1 to 10). Some players appear for many years, often with different ranking, some just once.

In my exercise, I am preparing a line chart visualization to show how their presence in the Top 10 evolved over the time they have been in (Year on the X and Ranking on the Y). What I would like to achieve is having the Y axis inversely sorted so that rank 1 shows the peak and rank 10 the lowest point. Is there a solution for this? Was considering working with negative numbers that would reverse the view, but was wondering if there’s a smarter solution.

Thanks a lot in advance, really appreciate your support


Hi @Anferrig,

I don’t think there is a native setting for the visual which allows you to invert the axis currently.

The suggested workaround would be to multiply your values field by -1 and this should work. So in your case multiply your Sum of Ranking by -1 you could create a calculated column or do it as a measure.

Hope this helps.


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