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Integrating PowerApps Into Power BI

It would be great if we can add a new section for PowerApps, to learn, develop and share in our community. There is a significant harmony between all of the Power Platforms (BI, APP, and Automate). Embedding Powerapps into Power BI is a new feature that we need to explorer more!


Hi @Hesham,

I totally agree that those applications can be best friends.

In my case I have created a Power BI report in which I included the PowerApp visual to perform what-if-analysis. In the operation of the railways it is very important to offer the right capacity to the forcecasted travellers on different train routes. With the PowerApp you are able to simulate different type of rolling stock or different amounts of forecasted travellers inside Power BI. Here below I have placed a screenprint with the demo data. It’s Dutch so I will explain a little: The visual displays the forecasted amount of travellers (Telcijfers) versus capacity of the selected rolling stock type (Zitplaatsen per Materieelsoort). Orange (Tekort) means shortage and grey (Overschot) means surplus.



Nice! I’m just starting the journey into PowerApps. How does the learning curve compare to Power BI?

  • Brian

Hi @BrianJ,

Thanx! The amount of learning resources for PowerApps is not comparable to Power BI, but it’s starting to grow. I often get stuck to be honost… :sweat_smile:

Microsoft offers the following and that’s set up nice: