Integrate into Office 365 Calendar

I am looking to create some dashboards that pull from our Office 365 user calendars. Have you done anything like this? We have purchased a connector from CData.

I have used the following connection to get data from my Outlook Calendar:

Here is good article I read that shows you how to connect and manipulate data:


thank you for the tip. I have connected. However, there area number of columns in the Calendar table that don’t get pulled into the report. In edit query, they are actually yellow. The column i need is Categories and it is one that is not pulling over.

the report…category is missing.

what does it mean when a column is yellow in the Edit Query window?

never mind, i figured it out. You have to hit the expand button in the column heading and then it will push the data over.

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You got it! Usually when yellow it will expand, and then you can choose what to bring into the model.